Hash Trash

Irreverent ramblings regarding some of our previous runs. Many more from the archive have yet to be uploaded.

  • Run 1218 - The Cross Keys Wallingford

    A small but select band gathered under the awning of the fish and chip van in the pub carpark to avoid the rain.  It has been pouring all day so Scrubber and Pressganger were laying the trail … more

  • Run 1217 - The College Oak Abingdon

    The hash was summed up by Zorro who said “I nearly didn’t come to another Abingdon hash because they are all rather similar, but this was brilliant”.  It was a shame we couldn& … more

  • Run 1216 - The Bell Wantage

    It had been very wet and was rather chilly but Lemony was still surprised when Hutch announced that he had brought her hot water bottle.  Wimpey was taken aback too!  It turns out that it … more

  • Run 1215 - The Winterborne Arms Winterborne

    It was a damp day and already getting dark when we arrived at the pub.  Epic was keen to get off and passed a map to Rear Admiral to lead the walkers who cut off two loops of the trail.  … more

  • Run 1214 - The George and Dragon Upton

    It was good to see Mismatch and Percy again.  They had parked the car a few miles away and run to the pub, as usual.  They couldn’t stay afterwards as Mismatch’s cats have a … more

  • Run 1213 - The Hatchet Childrey

    It was good to see Mismatch and Percy again.  They had parked the car a few miles away and run to the pub, as usual.  They couldn’t stay afterwards as Mismatch’s cats have a … more

  • Run 1212 - The Five Horseshoes Maidensgrove

    It was rather cold in the car park with some large puddles but the rain had stopped.  Two very young men, Jack and Will, had come along for their first hash and were to amaze us all.  … more

  • Run 1211 - The Shepherd's Hut Ewelme

    Gnome Alone arrived early and saw Lemony finishing off the trail, laying the falses from the pub.  What he didn't know was that she was laying the On as well!  This went through the … more

  • Run 1210 - The White Hart Nettlebed

    We arrived in the car park to be met by Noddy, running towards us wiggling her chest.  She was wearing her bright orange Berkshire Hash top and had been going round the circle trying to light up … more

  • Run 1207 - The Blowing Stone Kingstone Lisle

    I can't tell you much about the trail as the hare does it all from memory (or so we are told).  So no map available and I only have a 5 minute attention span.  I can remember lots of lovely … more

  • Run 1206 - The Seven Stars Marsh Baldon

    Well, what can I say?  How can we find out which other hash was in the area around The Baldons this week? Not Oxford but maybe Bicester?  There must have been someone else out laying trails … more

  • Run 1205 - The Rising Sun Witheridge Hill

    Hashers are so great! There was an annoying drizzle falling but this only encouraged a large crowd to gather in the carpark.  It was still warm (well, most of us thought so, Hutch and Rubber … more

  • Run 1204 - The George and Dragon Sutton Courtenay

    Hoodie had planned the trail, Lemony helped lay it and Buzz took on the role of co-hare on the night and looked after the walkers well, short-cutting brilliantly so everyone reached the pub at the … more

  • Run 1203 - The North Star Steventon

    What a glorious evening.  Too hot to run, so we hoped Twitcher had been enjoying his narrowboat too much to set the trail.  No such luck.  There he stood, with that inscrutable look on … more

  • Run 1202 - The Six Bells Warborough

    Pressganger and Eric had obviously chosen this pub so they could try to be an extra in Midsummer Murders which was being filmed in Warborough on this very day.  There were tents and stalls on … more

  • Run 1201 - The Crown and Horns East Ilsley

    A nice evening was spoilt by the first leg of the trail which was 1 mile up hill to the Ridgeway!  Everyone was totally shattered and declared a regroup. The views were splendid and the ground … more

  • RUN 1199 - The Plough East Hendred

    “The trail is One and On,  I make no excuses, it was pouring with rain all morning while I laid it” etc etc.  This made it a reasonably quick hash because the One was not too … more

  • RUN 1997 - Wittenham Clumps

    There was only ever going to be one way to start this trail – heading up!  But which of the many footpaths would it be?  The first hurdle, however, was nearly an actual hurdle as Epic … more

  • Run 1196 - The Catherine Wheel Goring

    Glorious sunshine and a public car park.  What more could a group of disparate (should that be desperate) characters want?  Maybe a hare to explain the evening’s entertainment?  … more

  • Run 1195 - Shotover Park

    Lemony was taking odds on whether we’d get through the run without someone being struck by a falling tree.  But the hares had laid the trail so the hounds had to turn up – in a car … more