Hash Trash

Irreverent ramblings regarding some of our previous runs. Many more from the archive have yet to be uploaded.

  • Run 1242 – The Red Lion Woodcote

    Twitcher confessed that he has laid so many trails from this pub before that he decided to lay one of his old ones and spend more time in the pub.  But while sitting at the bar he found a book … more

  • Run 1241 – The Catherine Wheel Goring

    Apologies for the delay in posting this trash but it has taken me a week to press the map enough to be able to re-visit the route.  Skidmark was looking very pale and had been ill the day before … more

  • Run 1239 - Red Dress Run, Didcot

    Who was tasked with booking the photographer from Hello! Magazine?  Oh well, we had our very own Hash Flash (plus every mobile phone in Didcot) to capture the glorious array of designer … more

  • Run 1236 - The Fox and Hounds Christmas Common

    Where was everyone?  A small group gathered in the car park, made even smaller because Noddy and Scrumptious couldn’t join the trial as their car had broken down en route and they were … more

  • Run 1235 - The Fleur de Lys East Hagbourne

    A good crowd were gathering despite half of the Berkshire Hash being on their ski trip and the promise of lots of mud.  Miss Whiplash told us it was up to her knees and she and Penny P had … more

  • Run 1234 - The King's Arms Sandford Lock

    It was so cold even the brass monkeys were wearing hats and scarves.  There was a lot of jumping up and down on the spot in the car park to keep the blood flowing as we waited to circle up.  … more

  • Run 1233 - The Red Lion Peppard Common

    Where have all the Young Men gone? So goes the old song and so goes the Hash sometimes. By the time we all assembled there were 15 ladies(?) but only 4 guys. Even Billy Whizz, the co-hare, had failed … more

  • Run 1232 - The Red Lion Blewbury

    Your chance to win £1000!  How long did it take to dry out the trail map for this week?  Answers on a post card ….. Well, that’s my excuse for not writing the trash … more

  • Run 1228 - The Bell Aldworth

    Jacks was a slightly nervous hare.  Scribbler was injured so they had laid the trail that morning but had not had time to lay the shorter trail for the walkers.  So Scribbler was going to … more

  • Run 1225 - The Red Lion Brightwell cum Sotwell

    Roast potatoes and gravy, and good beer.  Well the pub certainly did itself proud.  The food was delicious – well it must have been as CS drank the gravy straight from the gravy boat.& … more

  • Run 1224 - The Fox Denchworth

    We set off down the road towards Grove but soon turned off onto the footpath to West Hanney.  The wind was blowing but it was behind us.  No-one could decide if it were better to continue … more

  • Run 1223 - The Plum Pudding Milton

    Two of the hares had gone off to Coventry to watch rugby but Buzz was at the pub ready to take the reins.  I understand he was quite authoratitive (or should I say, bossy?)

    The trail led … more

  • Run 1222 - The Boar's Head Ardington

    This was the first ever bald hash for Didcot – no hares!!  Gnome Alone had laid the trail but gone away for the weekend.  But he had sent Pressganger a map of the route and asked her … more

  • Run 1221 - The Maltster's Arms Rutherfield Greys

    Well where were you?  I know it’s quite a long way East but if Ringer can make it.... Wonderful trail on a beautiful sunny day, autumn colours abounded.

    The first slight technical hitch … more

  • Run 1220 - The Fleur de Lys East Hagbourne

     What a lovely pub.  We set off right from the pub until we met the dis-used railway.  Ringer found the trail but was so delicate with his calling that we didn’t hear him and A … more

  • Run 1219 - The Red Lion Cholsey

    The first Sunday and we were off on time!!!  Thought that would get your attention.  Actually even the Hare was late to arrive at the pub.  There was a lot of chatter but we eventually … more

  • Run 1218 - The Cross Keys Wallingford

    A small but select band gathered under the awning of the fish and chip van in the pub carpark to avoid the rain.  It has been pouring all day so Scrubber and Pressganger were laying the trail … more

  • Run 1217 - The College Oak Abingdon

    The hash was summed up by Zorro who said “I nearly didn’t come to another Abingdon hash because they are all rather similar, but this was brilliant”.  It was a shame we couldn& … more

  • Run 1216 - The Bell Wantage

    It had been very wet and was rather chilly but Lemony was still surprised when Hutch announced that he had brought her hot water bottle.  Wimpey was taken aback too!  It turns out that it … more

  • Run 1215 - The Winterborne Arms Winterborne

    It was a damp day and already getting dark when we arrived at the pub.  Epic was keen to get off and passed a map to Rear Admiral to lead the walkers who cut off two loops of the trail.  … more