Hash Trash

Irreverent ramblings regarding some of our previous runs. Many more from the archive have yet to be uploaded.

  • Run 1270 - The Bay Tree, Grove

    It was great to see Big Stiffy back after his hip operation, even though he is only up to a short walk at the moment.  Mind you, it was a walk to the shops for fish and chips.  Quite fancy … more

  • Run 1269 - The Flowing Well, Sunningwell

    Just as we set off Gatecrasher re-visited his car and put on the supergirl pants – incorporating his own inimitable style.  He wore them inside out and fiddling a bit, but they were … more

  • Run 1267 - The Boathouse Wallingford

    What more could we have asked from our hare?  A great trail, new routes round Wallingford, a tour guide for the walkers AND a deal with the pub to trade a photo of the group for free chips!  … more

  • Run 1266 - The Five Horseshoes Maidensgrove

    Professional Peach was approaching the car park entrance when she realised her car had a puncture.  So she stopped in the gateway to ensure that the next hashers along helped her change the … more

  • Run 1265 - Hash BBQ

    Total confusion reigned as hounds disappeared off to the loo while Call Girl was trying to get the circle organised.  She was trying to be authoritative but everyone was chatting and ignoring … more

  • Run 1264 - The Seven Stars Marsh Baldon

    What a way to spend an evening!  Out in the sunshine with a group of barmy people. But Albert Square chose to stay home and make a cake for his work’s bake off competition!

    We set off up … more

  • Run 1263 - The Plough West Hanney

    We met in the car park opposite the pub just as it was trying to rain.  A good crowd set off to find the on out which went through the church yard before heading west to the edge of the village … more

  • Run 1262 - The Perch and Pike South Stoke

    What perfect planning by the hares, although we could see the rain we managed to stay ahead of it all the way round the trail, getting back to the pub to find our cars rather wet!

    A really good … more

  • Run 1261 - The Fox Steventon

    Who’s up for a run on the hottest day of the year?  Load of us, obviously.  We set off from the pub and by the time a few hashers had managed to cross the road to check to the west … more

  • Run 1260 - The Fox Boars Hill

    CS was laying the trail live.  So the pack set off without a hare.  Total confusion reigned after only minutes.  Hotlips and Scrubber set off up the hill and called On, but others had … more

  • Run 1259 - The Crown and Horns East Ilsley

    Another visit to this part of the world.  A hash with a difference because it was somewhat square shaped.  We headed off East, under the A34 and into the field.  Then we headed … more

  • Run 1258 - The Bull Great Milton

    A dreary evening and a reasonable distance to travel meant the gathering was smaller than usual.  But Ringer and Dingaling made it so what was everyone else’s excuse??

    We set off through … more

  • Run 1257 - The Harrow West Ilsley

    A rather warm evening met the small crowd of runners gathered at the pub.

    Three new ladies arrived at the pub with matching FAB – Fit Angry Birds – T-shirts!  We would see if any of … more

  • Run 1256 - The Eyston Arms East Hendred

    No map this week as the trail is all inside Hutch’s head – and I definitely don’t want to explore too much in there!

    We were pointed left from the pub and did wonder why Hutch was … more

  • Run 1255 - The Packhorse Steventon

    The virgin hares gathered us in the car park as the thunder clouds gathered overhead – another typical British summer’s evening.  We set off towards the road as the hailstorm arrived. … more

  • Run 1254 - The Rising Sun Witheridge Hill

    A small but select band gathered in a rather damp car park of a pub that was only open during the hours of daylight because there was a power cut.  The evening was dismal but the sight of Ringer … more

  • Run 1253 - The Red Lion Drayton

    Remember the music from Jurassic Park?  Thought not.  How about Jaws?  That’s the one “Der Du, Der Du, Der Du” etc.  Keep that thought, you’ll need it … more

  • Run 1252 - The Plough Long Wittenham

    The circle formed in the car park, then broke up as another car arrived, then formed, then broke up, then formed  well you get the picture!  It was a large crowd and it was good to see … more

  • Run 1251 - The Chequers Berrick Salome

    The trial was very muddy because there had been lots of rain but it had stopped by the time we met at the pub.  All our cars confused potential customers into thinking that the pub was open so a … more

  • Run 1250 - The King William IV Hailey

    A large group were in the carpark and Big Stiffy handed round his Worther’s Originals (a bit fluffy from being in the car boot for some months but still well received).  There were plenty … more