Run 1270 - The Bay Tree, Grove

It was great to see Big Stiffy back after his hip operation, even though he is only up to a short walk at the moment.  Mind you, it was a walk to the shops for fish and chips.  Quite fancy that myself. 

A very small group gathered in the car park which was a shame for the hares.  But the few were a cheery bunch and set off down the lane beside the pub.  We followed the stream until the flour led inexorably across it!  Some ran back to the bridge, some (well, one) took shoes and socks off and was escorted through by the hare, others took the plunge and got rather wet.

Long Harlington Avenue and right into Mayfield Avenue and a check hidden behind a bush! Then crossing Station Road and heading south east across the fields to look down on the amazing solar farm.  It looked more like a lake and we wanted to make a ship to put in the middle.  We carried on to the farm track before turning back up Crabhill Lane.  Then a turn right along the disused canal, over the bridge and left back to Station Road.  At the corner of Oxford Road Gnome Alone and Lemony checked straight on.  Both were sure the trail didn’t go that way but you have to respect the hare and check all the options as they have run them already.  Hold on a moment, this hash was One and On!  Anyway, they joined the others heading towards the pub only to check into North Drive – obviously another false trail – or not – as they called others back from within smelling distance of the beer to loop round north and back down the footpath and up to the pub.

Bjorn Again had taken the walkers on a separate trail shortly after the water crossing and they met us back at the pub.  Then Low-Cost appeared.  He had missed the change of start time, arrived just after 6.30pm but filled in time by going to the shops and the Health Centre.  He saw Stiffy walking to the chippy and got to the pub for 6.50pm.   He managed to follow most of the markings until the large field where he couldn’t find the way out and ended up climbing the fence and running much further than the rest of us.  But he did miss out the water challenge.

Lemony stood in as RA.  The GM had asked a number of people and finally one said yes.  There were 2 yellow shirts to give out.  The first went to Hotlips for refusing to be RA then changing her mind and offering so that she wouldn’t get a shirt.  Too late, my dear!  The 2nd went to RSB for being the only one clever enough to think of taking her shoes and socks off to cross the stream.

The supergirl pants could have gone to a number of people for the shambolic behaviour exhibited at the water but had to go to Low-Cost for arriving late because all the others would have winged.

On On 

Hares:  Epic Fail and Bjorn Again

Hounds:  Edina, Hotlips, Low-Cost, Big Stiffy, Pyro and Whisper, Rubber Sole’s Buddy, Uptown Girl, Boozer, Wimpey, Lemony, Professional Peach and Gnome Alone

Date:  13 September 2016

Distance: 4.5 Miles (5.8 miles for Low-Cost!)