Didcot Hash House Harriers

Walking and running are great exercises but need to be fun if you are going to keep them up.  That's where Didcot Hash House Harriers (Didcot H3 for short!) come in. We meet at a different pub every week, follow a circular trail at our own pace (usually somewhere between 3 and 5 miles) through glorious meadows and woodlands back to the pub and top it off with a drink and sometimes some nibbles. Marvellous! Why not join us on our next trail (see below)...

Hashing is scheduled to start again on Sunday, 4th April.  

The Lockdown Roadmap states that from 29th March "outdoor gatherings of either 6 people or 2 households" are allowed.  Also, "people are allowed to take part in formally organised outdoor sports".  We therefore plan to start hashing again, following the same process as we did last Autumn ie:

- All attendees will have to register prior to the run with the GM who will split them into groups of 6 and allocate a start time

- On arrival all hashers will sign in and use the sanitiser provided

- There will be no circle before or after the hash (the hash is over once participants get back to the start point)

- Hashers will only form into their group of 6 just prior to their start time

- The first and last running group will have a hare, walking groups may not have a hare but will have a map

It is not hashing as we are used to but it is the best we can do.

VOLUNTEERS – we need volunteers to lay trails.  These need to be on wide, quiet paths where possible. We also need volunteers to act as additional running hares.  If you can help please contact the GM on Lemonydh3@gmail.com who will pass your message to the Hare Raisers.

Hashing is non competitive - we are there to have fun!  Hashing is a social way to get outdoors with regular groups of walkers and runners, so whatever your fitness level you can give it a go. 

If you think this sounds a good way to get some exercise (and who wouldn’t) then please contact the GM on lemonydh3@gmail.com.  You will be paired with an experienced hasher who will explain the rules.  Your first week is free then it's only £1 whenever you decide to come along - what a bargain!

Runs are on Sundays @ 11am in winter or Tuesdays @ 7pm in Summer 

What's Best About Didcot Hash

Didcot Hash is a family hash.  There are no drinking games to worry about and we are a really mixed bag.  If you come along you will find a melting pot of good humoured men, women, youngsters, oldies, etc etc. It varies each week.  

What does not change is the warm welcome you will receive. 

Why Hash?

Why not? You can hash at almost any age and it's great fun. Get fit by running with friends or take it easy and walk. Meet new people, discover new footpaths and trails you never knew existed, discover new pubs to take loved ones back to later, make new friends...the list goes on and on!

Hashing is worldwide and very welcoming. Once you are a hasher you will always have friends to meet up with, wherever you are.


Hashers Stories

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