Run 1267 - The Boathouse Wallingford

What more could we have asked from our hare?  A great trail, new routes round Wallingford, a tour guide for the walkers AND a deal with the pub to trade a photo of the group for free chips!  I think Scribbler should have the job every week! Oh no, maybe not.  He changed the pub twice in one week.  Far too much trouble for the admin staff.

The trail split into two at the beginning with the walkers setting off with Scribbler’s friends Jan, David and Peter.  Peter runs regular walking tours round Wallingford – he’s the one with the yellow umbrella, I believe – so was planning on sharing some highlights with the group.  However, after his opening remarks Eric terrified him by insisting that they follow the trail as it was getting dark.  I understand he didn’t say another word!

The runners set off behind the pub and along the river all the way to Benson Lock.  There were lots of runbacks – often a few in a row to catch as many runners as possible.  At the first lot Hutch and Gnome were at the back and decided to walk backwards!  They were wearing matching T shirts and looked like Tweedledum and Tweedledummer.  Or is that just sour grapes as I ran all the way back to them?

At Benson we crossed the river, and the main road, and headed into the village. 

At some point along the trail – I’m not sure where - we came to a tunnel along the side of the stream.  The first potential water crossing.  It was very dark and there was a choice of hugging the wall or running through the water.  Epic chose the water and also splashed a good number of the wall huggers.  All was fun and laughter until he realised Hotlips had wet hair!!  On to the rope swing and I’m Late managed to damage her shoulder. 

From Benson it was back to the ring road and everyone was getting a bit hot and tired.  More runbacks.  First a 4, then a 2.  Just as Scribbler caught up with Scrubber and Lemony he said that his flour bottle nozzle was blocked so he couldn’t add any more numbers.  And what was on the ground at this point?  A number 1!  The front runners at the next number were Scrubber and Hotlips.  Running back down the road was Scribbler.  He had been outvoted by the 2 ladies and had to do his own runback.

We came back down to the river and turned right.  Another set of runbacks and Hutch and Gnome Alone stopped to stare intently at the foliage.  From here on it was straight out along the river and back to the bridge.  Scribbler did suggest a rather deeper water crossing but it was getting rather dark by this time so there were no takers.

Back at the pub we sat outside beside the river. The chips were free and very good.  The landlord stood on the top of the wall and took our picture for the pub website.

First came the naming of Liam.  Call Girl was stand-in RA but the name had come from Ringer.  Liam is cheeky and funny and likes to think he is grown up.  So he was named after the character in South Park who gives his mum lots of cheek – Cartman.

Zorro passed the Paddle of Rebuke to Scribbler for enriching us by explaining the meaning of adjacent on our Facebook page.

Henry V had enhanced the Yellow Shirt again by adding union flag ribbon to the bottom.  She chose Gnome Alone for eating on the hash.  (He had swallowed a large fly during the run and nearly heaved it up.)

Henry V also had the pants to give out.  She had pinned them to the back of the yellow shirt because, being a midwife she would never put other people’s knickers near her groin.  She was tempted to give them to Eric for abuse of a tour guide but threw them to Gatecrasher for being so slow to hand over his hash cash.

On On 

Hare:  Scribbler

Hounds:  Wimpey, Lemony Snickett, Hutch, Hotlips, B’Cider, Rubber Sole, Call Girl, Bat Girl, Barry, Lo-Cost, Hell Boy, Liam, Chicken Head, Bjorn Again, Epic Fail, Scrumptious, Gatecrasher, Tiger Feet, Henry V, Piscine Down, A Cruel Joke, Zorro, Scrubber, Eric, Gnome Alone, I’m Late, Jan, David and Peter

Date:  23 August 2016

Distance: 5.7 Miles