Run 1257 - The Harrow West Ilsley

A rather warm evening met the small crowd of runners gathered at the pub.

Three new ladies arrived at the pub with matching FAB – Fit Angry Birds – T-shirts!  We would see if any of this is true by the end of the trail.  We set off past the pub and down the footpath to the right, then over the stile and back across the back of the pub and some houses until we met the road into the village and turned right.  Then left along in front of the church before following the path on the right, back to the left to the road and along the road until we met the bridleway. 

The next stretch was very long, heading nearly up to the Ridgeway.  A few runners fell foul of the run backs, including Caryn.  But she kept smiling.  We turned sharp left and ran all the way back down into the village before turning back on ourselves again and running through a couple of fields before going left along a very well tended path through Folly Farm.  Here we turned right for a short stretch along the road before turning left onto a private path.  The hares had spoken to the landowner and got permission to take this route.  Just before reaching the gallops we turned left again and went all the way back into the village to turn left and reach the pub.

Here we sat outside and looked over the village green.  The strawberry moon shone overhead but there was no cricket as the teams were both sitting with us outside the pub!  The main entertainment was Ringer chatting up the pub barmaid.    

Eric had taken the bell off the yellow shirt so that she could wash it.  But the bell was still in her car!  The shirt was passed to Gatecrasher for the most amazing sandals.

The paddle was passed from St Bernard who obviously can’t afford trousers and had used it to swat gnats, to Pressganger to use to keep Qualcast under control as he hated it. 

On On

Date: 21 June 2016

Distance: 5.5 Miles

Hares:  Wimpey and Lemony Snicket

Hounds:  Rubber Sole, Hutch, Tiger Feet, Gnome Alone, Dingaling, Ringer, St Bernard, Lo Cost, B’Cider, Pressganger, Qualcast, Eric, Babs, Albert, Gatecrasher Anne, Caryn and Jo