Run 1261 - The Fox Steventon

Who’s up for a run on the hottest day of the year?  Load of us, obviously.  We set off from the pub and by the time a few hashers had managed to cross the road to check to the west the On was called along the causeway round The Green and they had to cross back!  We found a stream and the trail was marked through it.  Some of us thought it would be a good way to cool down but forgot about the smelly shoes going into the car at the end of the run! 

We followed the causeway straight to Milton where Tiger Feet checked behind the church.  He found no flour and turned back.  “How far shall we let him come back before we tell him he was going the right way?” asked the Hare.  He must have heard us as he turned back round and set off again. 

The trail led to the Plum Pudding where there was a welcome beer stop – made more welcome because Hash Cash paid!  We then continued over the road and along School Lane before turning left onto the footpath.  At the edge of the field we stopped for a group photo – which can now be seen on the website – before turning right and heading for the Trading Estate.  The hare made us loop around the estate and we ended up at the fountain before turning back towards Milton village.  On entering the village we turned left and set off down the footpath along the side of the railway track all the way back into Steventon and the On Inn.

This was shorter than usual but long enough for such a hot evening.  There were a few run backs for those who needed to stretch their legs a little more.

The Down Down shirt went to Cato for spending most of the hash with his nose inches from his mobile phone as he tracked Poppadoms, or was that Polkadots?  No, sorry, Pokemons.

There were 2 namings.  David likes camouflage clothing and is quite hard to spot, in fact he is nearly invisible, so Harry Potter came to mind but then, bingo, the committee had a eureka moment.  David is now Bingo!

Then it was Phoebe’s turn.  A few ideas had been discussed but Little Red Riding Hood was chosen and she was given a pretty outfit to match the name.

Oh yes, and Lemony pulled at the pub and the publican even said he would take up hashing!

On On 

Hare:  Epic Fail

Hounds:  Big Stiffy, Hotlips, Rubber Sole, Lemony Snickett, Wimpey, Hutch, Professional Peach, Call Girl, Bat Girl, Hell Boy, Tiger Feet, Pink Panther, Cato, Comet, Gnome Alone, Uranus, Epic Fail and Phoebe, Chicken Head, A Cruel Joke, Henry V, Penny Pitstop, Miss Whiplash, Mismatch, Percy, Uptown Girl, Boozer, David, Derek, Cabouse, Martin, Led Zepplin, Noddy, Anne, Caryn and Yana

Date:  26 July 2016

Distance: 4 Miles