Hash Trash

Irreverent ramblings regarding some of our previous runs. Many more from the archive have yet to be uploaded.

  • Run 1426 - Hash BBQ

    Distance – 3.5 miles

    Date – 10 August 2019

    Hashers – Hutch, Rubber Sole, Rubber Sole’s Buddy, Northern Sole, B’Cider, Captain Pugwash, Annus Interruptus, Sophie, … more

  • Run 1425 The Boars Head, Ardington

    A fantastic route, true Epic Fail style no hills, no hash views, no gully's, no flour (no really), a beautiful meander through Ardington, Lockinge, other places too...he even provided sunshine, … more

  • Run 1424 The Wheatsheaf, Drayton

    Northern Sole

    Rubber sole

    Rubber soles mate 

    Dodgy sausage


    Ab Fab - Edina & Patsy

    Press Ganger 


    No ball


    DJ Doggy Dog

    Royal flush … more

  • Run 1423 The Crown South Moreton

    A small but perfectly formed band of Hashers undertook this warm sweaty, tingly hash led by the forever-fabulous Gnome Alone and Cheap Date, it was a cracking Hash route, lots of options, the … more

  • Run 1421 The Wheatsheaf, East Hendred

    A cloudy warm evening run awaited us stood in the neatly manicured garden of The Wheatsheaf, some of us showing our age as we marvelled over their astro-turf pitch perfect grass!

    The laying of the … more

  • Run 1420 Waggon & Horses Kingston Bagpuize

    A balmy sunshine eve for our Ab Fab Hash 

    Joined by ... 

    We had many a check and regroup as we pegged it across the A420 to more nettle, bramble worthy paths, treated by a mysterious … more

  • Run 1419 - The Plum Pudding Milton

    Hares:  Global Warming and No Ball

    Hashers:  Patsy, Edina, Pays By The Inch, Clyde, Eddie the Eagle, Zorro, Wimpey, Lemony Snicket, Caught on Camera, Rubber Sole, Swallow, Pointless, … more

  • Run 1416 North Star Steventon

    Hare: Lemony Snicket

    Hounds: Behind the Bins, Limerick, Liz, Henry V, Accrual Joke, Rubber Sole, Professional Peach, Patsy (and Bertie), Edina, Zorro, Lemony Snicket and Wimpey, Pays by … more

  • Run 1413 - King William IV Hailey

    Hares:  Big Stiffy and Hotlips

    Hounds: Behind the Bins, Limerick, Liz, No Ball, Global Warming, Henry V, Accrual Joke, Rubber Sole, Martin, Professional Peach, Scrumptious (and Chewi) Patsy ( … more

  • Run 1412 - Aberystwyth - Goodbye to Golden Shower

    Date: Friday, 17th May 2019

    Venue: Aberystwyth Cremarorium (that's Wales, to the uninitiated)Present:Lemony Snickett/Wimpey,Pressganger,Eric/Weirdo,Big Stiffy/Hot Lips,Twitcher/Other half (Wendy), … more

  • Run 1411 - Hart of Harwell

    The sun shone for us all this evening over the chilterns and afforded us the warmth to stop for a hash view or two.  We had a couple of rogue hashers ignoring the numbers and avoiding a run-back, … more

  • Run 1405 - The Royal Oak, Wantage - AGM

    Hares:  Big Stiffy and Hotlips

    Hounds:  Lemony Snicket, Wimpey, Annus Interruptus, Gnome Alone, Cheap Date, Rubber Sole, Rubber Sole’s Buddy, Henry V, Accrual Joke, B’Cider, … more

  • Run 1355 - Royal Oak, Wantage

    We missed the briefing, arriving just in time to see the pack run out of the carpark and Dipstick changing out of his suit.  It was a prompt start, unlike Didcot, but essential as it was the … more

  • Run 1336 - The Bat and Ball Cuddesdon

    Mud, mud, glorious mud …. Well, by the time we had finished the run we were not so sure it was glorious.  It had rained heavily all night.  The flour was a little hard to see on … more

  • Run 1335 - The Cherry Tree Stoke Row

    Oh what a beautiful morning… It certainly was.  Wall to wall sunshine.  A bit chilly, so the gloves were on.  It was great to see Twitcher back in the circle after a very long … more

  • Run 1334 - The Lamb Buckland

    Another glorious, frosty morning.   I’m afraid I couldn’t download the map the hares kindly sent me and Zorro’s download of the route on Facebook doesn’t help me … more

  • Run 1333 - The Lamb Little Milton

    It is Remembrance Sunday so the hashers met 10 minutes early in a very chilly pub car park to remember all those who have died while serving their country by observing the 2 minutes’ silence.& … more

  • Run 1332 - The Fox Boars Hill

    There was great concern expressed when Gnome explained that when he worried about where to lay flour at one part of the hash Cheap Date had suggested putting in on a horse! 

    Oh well, we set … more

  • Run 1325 - The Fox Steventon

    It’s Tuesday evening, it’s raining… it must be time for a hash.  And who better to lay it than Russ and Melanie – sorry, Uranus and Comet.

    It was chilly as we gathered … more

  • Run 1323 - The Car Park Ewelme

    “Friends who set forth at our side, falter, are lost in the storm” (Matthew Arnold)

    Well it wasn’t that dramatic really!  It was a grey evening as we met in the car park.  … more