Run 1420 Waggon & Horses Kingston Bagpuize

A balmy sunshine eve for our Ab Fab Hash 

Joined by ... 

We had many a check and regroup as we pegged it across the A420 to more nettle, bramble worthy paths, treated by a mysterious coolbag plucked from the undergrowth to water, beer or a sugar high we then wound back on ourselves through a rather fancy village with some big ole houses to the finish and the hopeful promise of an England Lioness victory against the USA... 

We de-camped into the garden to eat chips, and name our third-timer 

joined by ... 

Ab Fab - our trio of Hares 
Cheap Date 
Gnome Alone 
Royal Flush & her partner David & their corgis (keep clear of the big one...) 
Global Warming 
No Ball
Annus Interuptus 
Professional Peach
Doug for his second hash...!
Rubber sole


Gate Crasher

Away with the Fairies

Roundhill campsite is the new forest campsite for the Hash weekend away 30 Aug - 1 Sept - let Scrumptuous know if you  would like to go! 

Next week the Wheatsheaf in East Hendred, the car park is small so consider car sharing or park in the nearby roads. 

Down Downs - for the bad jokes - Annus interuptus 

Next for the pants of wonder... Caryn for all the chatty interruptions 

Naming of Josh - because his friends reliably informed Lemony that he was a bit flaky ... 99! 

Oh and we sadly need a new RA! Our wonder Pats by the Inch is off to pastures new... in Wales! What she doesn’t know is that it’s not that far & we are planning a Hash visit... but in the meantime DH3 need to replace her. All you need to do is chat to folk and come up with dodgy nicknames once in a while. 

Oh and we agreed that chips were to be organised by the Hare of that week...!

Until next week. On on 🏃🏼‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️