Run 1332 - The Fox Boars Hill

There was great concern expressed when Gnome explained that when he worried about where to lay flour at one part of the hash Cheap Date had suggested putting in on a horse! 

Oh well, we set off down the road and left down the hill into the woods.  Two people who hadn’t see Lemony for a while were pleased to see was running again.  That just sums up the hash.  One big family where everyone cares about everyone else. 

The trail went all through Youlbury, past lots of wonderful houses, and up to Jarn Mound.  Yes we had to climb to the top but, no, there were no sweeties – unlike last time.  We set off towards Chiswell Farm on a route that led us in completely the wrong direction.  Away from the pub!  It was somewhere about here that Noddy and Baz managed a sneaky kiss.  Young love.  We turned back after some time and made it to the tree in the middle of the field where we sat and took in the wonderful view of Oxford.  But it was very chilly so it was good to move on, albeit in the wrong direction again.  We turned back and took another loop towards Foxcombe, during which Ratty fell over, before returning to the pub.

We sat in the garden and Cheap Date handed round gingerbread men.  Lovely.  The wind picked up and got under the large umbrella structure.  The loose strut flew up and then down again, nearly hitting her.  A narrow escape. 

It was lovely to see Noddy again.  She was only there because her friend, Baz, was keen to find out about hashing.  I hope he wasn’t put off by Rubber Sole singing every Scottish song she knew – well, thought she knew.

Hash words were a little critical of the somewhat hard to spot checks.  Was this due to the rain or lack of flour in the first place?  Gnome felt he had been over generous, using a whole bag.  Big Stiffy was teased for setting off through the caravan park with the immortal words “it always goes this way” when there was another loop first and we all thought that the green shorts had been found until we realised the shorts Zorro was wearing were actually his.  They were very smart really.   

New Down Down – Scrumptious realised that she had a T shirt in her car that she had been awarded at the last hash Gnome laid.  It had come out of Pressganger’s house.  She fetched it and the stand in RA, Ratty, awarded it to Gnome Alone.  But I can’t remember why!

On On 

Hares:  Gnome Alone and Cheap Date

Hounds:  Wimpey, Lemony Snickett, Ratatouille, Rubber Sole, Rubber Sole’s Buddy, Professional Peach, Zorro, Big Stiffy, Hotlips, Pressganger, Piscine Down, Edina, Patsy and Saffie, Scrumptious, Noddy and Baz

Date:  5 November 2017

Distance:  5.25 miles