Run 1411 - Hart of Harwell

The sun shone for us all this evening over the chilterns and afforded us the warmth to stop for a hash view or two.  We had a couple of rogue hashers ignoring the numbers and avoiding a run-back, and a lot of chatter and re-grouping because the hare got muddled up with the symbols! A route just shy of five miles. 

All in all a lovely evening for a hash with this fabulous lot:  

  • Press ganger

  • Twitcher

  • Wimpey

  • Gnome

  • Scrumptious

  • No ball

  • Global warming

  • Fluffy dice

  • Big stiffy

  • Hot lips

  • Just Jackie

  • Prof peach

  • Epic fail

  • Rubber sole

  • Annus Interuptus

  • Ab Fab - Patsy

  • Lemony

  • Cheap date

  • Eddie the Eagle

  • Caught on camera

  • Away with the Fairies

  • Caboose

And some virgin hashers too - welcome to... Rachel, Liz and Fi, we hope to see you again!

The mighty red pants worn so resplendently by Wimpey were passed on to Just Jackie from the Berkshire hash for being one of the aforementioned rogue hashers and dodging the run-back.  
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