Run 1421 The Wheatsheaf, East Hendred

A cloudy warm evening run awaited us stood in the neatly manicured garden of The Wheatsheaf, some of us showing our age as we marvelled over their astro-turf pitch perfect grass!

The laying of the hash trail was something of a panicked affair, turns out good people you need longer than 2 hours, more flour than you think, dont do it on a bycicle you leave inordinate gaps between blobs that good folk lose the will to live finding them. You DO NOT need your little sis to be moving house and having packed her flour when you run out, you need for your mum to be home to raid her purse for ££ so you can make an emergency dash to the nearest shop to purchase more of the white stuff. 

AND then you need to not be so stiggy with the blobs so that they don't disappear in a gust of wind.  You also need to ensure you do LOTS of re-groups and checks so that the good hashletes of this ere neck of the woods have opportunity to chat and marvel at the Hash views. 

How was the route? Rubbish. 

We said cheerio for now to our wonderful RA Pays (not pats) by the Inch, she threatened *promised she'd be back before we know it, she has been a joy of a human and will be much missed. 

However, we welcome our newly appointed rather fabulous 1/3 of Ab Fab, the gorgeous Patsty as RA!

We had a couple of namings! Our outgoing RA aptly named Doug, Dodgy Sausage after his antics at the firepit at Endure, and Nanny McPhee (i lost the story royally so i can't even tell you why, something to do with children i think)

Down Down (pants) were awarded to Epic Fail for getting involved in the naming of Nanny McPhee and for being wildly inapropriate with his alternative suggestions.  

Don't forget to look out for messages around the Hash camping trip (last weekend in Aug) and the summer BBQ!

Hashletes in action tonight were:

  • Away with the Fairies (Hare)

  • Gnome (GM)

  • RA - Lou

  • New RA -Ab Fab Patsy

  • Edina

  • Nanny McPhee

  • Dodgy sausage

  • Pointless

  • Royal flush 

  • Ringer

  • Bruce 

  • Annie 

  • Scrumptious

  • Fluffy dice

  • Captain Pugwash

  • B Cider

  • R soles mate

  • Comet

  • Hot lips

  • Big stiffy

  • Gate crasher

  • Accrual

  • Afternoon Delight 

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