Hash Trash

Irreverent ramblings regarding some of our previous runs. Many more from the archive have yet to be uploaded.

  • Run 1321 - The Ibex Chaddleworth

    Churchill’s remark “All great men make mistakes” could be applied to our own dear Gnome Alone tonight.  He neglected to let the hares in on the secret that he had a cake and … more

  • Run 1319 - The Plough West Hanney

    The hounds were all gathered in the pub car park at 7pm.  Well, most of the hounds.  Hotlips had told Stiffy that the trail was from The Plough in East Hendred.  There was no-one else … more

  • Run 1318 - The Bell Aldworth

    The trouble with being a walkie talkie is that you don’t see what happens anywhere else on the hash and when you ask others for their tales or misdemeanours they go all shy!

    Lovely pub but I … more

  • Run 1317 - The Greyhound Besselsleigh

    “I’m walking tonight” were Lemony’s famous last words as they pulled into the pub car park at 7.02pm to see the hares disappearing down the lane beside the pub.  Wimpey … more

  • Run 1315 - The Fleur de Lys West Hagbourne

    Will we get round the run before the rain sets in?  Watch this space!  We had a virgin.  Klaus had heard about the Hash when we marshalled Didcot Park Run - over a year ago - and had … more

  • Run 1312 - The Rose Revised Newbridge

    “Prepare ye the way of the hasher, make his paths straight”  Well the Bible quote goes something like that and Zorro took the message to hear this week.  The trail started off … more

  • Run 1311 - Wittenham clumps

    This has to be the best hash of the year!!  A short trail was promised as the follow-on was at Pressganger’s for a BBQ.  Even though it was nearly the longest day it does still get … more

  • Run 1310 - The Flowing Well Sunningwell

    We clogged up the car park on a wonderfully sunny evening.  The ladies were virgin hares but had obviously been watching on their previous runs.  The trail was 3 and on until they got bored … more

  • Run 1309 - The Eyston Arms East Hendred

    A hailstorm hit the Abingdon area at c6pm. It was bouncing off the pavement. Lemony and Wimpey were walking this week so felt very smug when they packed their wet weather gear. Rubber Sole’s … more

  • Run 1303 - The White Hart Harwell

    A husband and wife conversation on the way to the pub went a little like this: “Will it be a long hash?” “No, it’s a Tuesday night and Zorro is a sensible fellow.”  … more

  • Run 1301 - The Royal Oak Wantage

    “Have you ever had the feeling you have been here before?”  Well, it turns out that the hares laid the same trail as the last Didcot run from Wantage.  But, as they hadn’t … more

  • Run 1300 - The Nags Head Abingdon

    1300 Didcot Hashes.  Hurrah.  This was a momentous hash, if only because Big Stiffy lost his way not once, but twice!  And I can’t tell you much about it as the map is in his … more

  • Run 1297 - The Fox Denchworth

    “Kids and adults love it so, the happy world of ….” Hashing?!?  The real end to the rhyme is Haribo and the hares had a large tub of this particular sweet to provide sugar for … more

  • Run 1296 - The Rose and Crown Chilton

    This will be short and, hopefully, sweet.  Without a map, unable to write a trash because of my PC being in for repair, and complete loss of memory ….

    It was great to meet Rosie, a … more

  • Run 1290 - The Village Club, Nettlebed

    “There are no wrong turnings. Only paths we had not known we were meant to walk.” This could sum up any hash.  And what a wonderful hash it was this morning.  We joined many of … more

  • Run 1289 - the Cherry Tree, Stoke Row

    “The richest man is not he who has the most, but he who needs the least.”  All CS needed to make our day so special was flour and, oh yes, his mobile phone n which he had stored the … more

  • Run 1288 - The Bystander, Wootton

    “The most memorable days usually end with dirty clothes”. No truer word …. The heavy rain that had been falling since before anyone got up decided to ease off in time for the … more

  • Run 1286 - Sutton Courtenay

    What a difference a day makes! Or in this case 6 days.  Boxing Day – beautiful sunshine. New Year’s Day – grey and drizzly.  “Let’s cancel the run, no-one& … more

  • Run 1285 - The Cherry Tree, Steventon

    A beautiful, sunny morning and a cheerful crowd gathered in the car park.  New people too!  Sarah and Russ looked rather fitter than the rest of us and were very enthusiastic – which … more