Run 1312 - The Rose Revised Newbridge

“Prepare ye the way of the hasher, make his paths straight”  Well the Bible quote goes something like that and Zorro took the message to hear this week.  The trail started off out of the back of the car park and along the river bank to the East.  There was a bit of off piste where we cut round the edge of a field that was not an official footpath, then we were back on the river bank until the Rainbow bridge.  Most people crossed it, only to be called back and, you’ve guessed it, directed along the river bank.  We finally headed down a very muddy slope to a wobbly plank and tree branch across the water.  Everyone was being very careful and Zorro was explaining how slippy it was.  We all made it across, some with a helping hand from Gnome Alone, except Zorro who fell quite heavily.  He got up again and completed his crossing.  He was holding his elbow which was rather scraped and when asked how he was said “I’m fine, just bumped by shoulder”!!  I think he must have hit his head.

From here he sent us off on a fishhook back to the water before retracing our steps and turning off to the right along a proper path and then right again to run parallel to the water.  At the Rainbow Bridge we crossed back and then retraced the route out, you’ve guessed it, along the river bank.  

Back at the pub the rain started to fall and some of us got very wet as there were not enough umbrellas.  But who cares.  The chips were good.

A very pretty run and lovely to be introduced (or re-introduced) to one of the hares’ favourite pubs.

Ringer was spoilt for choice for awarding the Yellow Shirt. Rubber Sole’s Buddy had taken a short cut and been eaten by a cow, Mudder had complained about being ill but still managed to front run, Wimpey was limping and lost, Hell Boy for having a better Garmin than Ringer but the final choice was Zorro for not noticing that his wife had arrived during Circle Up!

Hares:  Zorro and Piscine Down

Hounds:  Dingaling, Ringer, Call Girl, Hell Boy, Edina, Saffie, Gnome Alone, Ratatouille, Hutch, Out to Lunch, Mudder, Rubber Sole, Wimpey and Lemony

Date:  27 June 2017

Distance: 9k