Run 1296 - The Rose and Crown Chilton

This will be short and, hopefully, sweet.  Without a map, unable to write a trash because of my PC being in for repair, and complete loss of memory ….

It was great to meet Rosie, a friend of Epic’s and a fast runner. 

The walkers set off in one direction and the runners in the other – right from the pub, up to the corner, and then right again and again before meeting the walkers only 100 yards from the pub. A pointless loop.  Just how a hash should start.

We set off up to the ridgeway and worked our way along the lanes.  There were some lovely long legs and lots of puddles.  Zorro tried to splash Hotlips and ended up falling over into the young nettles growing by the side of the lane.  Later on, heading down a steep path, Hotlips decided to take a rest and sit in the mud.  Epic and Rosie kept checking, usually the wrong way, but enjoyed the runs out.  There were run back numbers on some of the longer legs.  But the hare took it one stage further by running ahead of the pack to lay more numbers!  Gnome and Lemony were talking about the AGM when a cry came from behind of “He’s running!!”  They set off at pace and luckily, CS having started to sprint some 30 yards further back, managed to outlast him.

CS awarded the yellow shirt to Epic for taking a virgin the wrong way 3 times in 15 minutes.  He said that hashing is like love making in that there are no rules but there are broad guidelines.  It should be gentle, guiding and helpful.  Do any of these words describe hashers?

Most of us stayed at the pub for a Sunday Roast which was lovely.  Good company and good food.

On On

Hares: CS

Hounds: Lemony, Wimpey, FBJ, La Crease and Daniel, Big Stiffy, Hotlips, Zorro, Cagecrasher, Gnome Alone, Penny Pittop, Miss Whiplash, Rose, Epic Fail, Tin Opener, Lilo (and at the pub Crutchless, ABH and Wee Joker

Date: 12 March 2017

Distance:  4.8 miles