Run 1315 - The Fleur de Lys West Hagbourne

Will we get round the run before the rain sets in?  Watch this space!  We had a virgin.  Klaus had heard about the Hash when we marshalled Didcot Park Run - over a year ago - and had come to join us.  Publicity works - doesn’t it CS.  There was congratulations for CS who was elected to the Didcot Town Council but also commiserations to Comet who had also stood. Thank you to you both. The trail set off right from the pub and right again before heading south towards Upton.  Through the village we went and on to the edge of Blewbury.  We turned left at the village hall and north all the way to East Hagbourne.  Here we saw all the brilliant models.  My favourite was the gingerbread man!  Along the main road through the village, across the old railway line again and back into the village.  We sat outside and watched Mudder do her stretches on the Aunt Sally stand before the chips arrived - along with the rain!  It got very heavy and everyone offered Cabouse a lift to the station but he was adamant he would make his own way.  Zorro had to come out from the shelter of the Aunt Sally stand to do Hash Words so they were quick.  One of the pub umbrellas collapsed, soaking those below.  Wimpey put his own brolly up under the pub one which gave a larger dry(ish) area. While all this was going on Pressganger got a splinter in her bum - lycra is no protection.

Ratatouille confessed to having stood in a No 2 and wiped it off her shoe in a No 1!  She then explained to Klaus that this is the way we always behave. How rude!

Ringer had a few options for the Yellow Shirt:

Mudder for making him think he was suffering from deja vu by taking a short cut and appearing in front of him!  Can’t believe a hare would do that.

Comet and CS, in fact everyone, for talking politics.

But it had to go to Epic as this is the first week he didn’t say “just give it to me”

Hares:  Mudder and Out to Lunch

Hounds:  Ringer, Gnome Alone, Ratatouille, Rubber Sole, Wimpey, Lemony, Epic Fail, Ben Dover, Professional Peach, CS, Pressganger, Pyro, Rubber Sole’s Buddy, Northern Soul, Cabouse, Hotlips, Big Stiffy, Comet, Zorro, Scrubber, Klaus, Qualcast and Whisper

Date:  18 July 2017

Distance: 9k