Run 1300 - The Nags Head Abingdon

1300 Didcot Hashes.  Hurrah.  This was a momentous hash, if only because Big Stiffy lost his way not once, but twice!  And I can’t tell you much about it as the map is in his head.  Hotlips wasn’t much help, but her excuse was that she hadn’t helped lay it at all!  Thank goodness the walkers managed to keep up.  No short cuts for them.

We set off towards the Rye Meadow carpark and off down the track before looping over the lock and out round Abingdon before coming back into the same park and back to the pub.  Crossing over the bridge, FBJ caught us up.  All thanks to the number of time we got lost and the marking of the trial by the hare.  FBJ had not realised we started at 6.30pm so had run the whole circuit by himself!

One thing I do remember is running up some rather steep mounds (piles of rubbish I think).  They were rather steep and one or two hashers tried to find an alternative route, only to have to double back and climb to the lower summit anyway.  Another thing is FBJ fiddling with the gas heaters in the pub garden and breaking one!  It got colder and colder but luckily some of the ladies managed to persuade the duty manager to fix it and re-place the cylinder in another.  It finally got vaguely warm but we still didn’t hang around too long!

Thanks to our hare raisers for a great trail.

On On

Hares: Hotlips and Big Stiffy

Hounds:  Zorro, Lemony, Ringer, Hutch, Rubber Sole, Rubber Sole’s Buddy, Pressganger and Qualcast, Professional Peach, Swallow, Uranus, Comet, Northern Soul, Patsy, Edina, Lonely, Call Girl, Gnome Alone, Technicolor Horn and FBJ

Date: 4 April 2017

Distance:  4.5 miles