Run 1309 - The Eyston Arms East Hendred

A hailstorm hit the Abingdon area at c6pm. It was bouncing off the pavement. Lemony and Wimpey were walking this week so felt very smug when they packed their wet weather gear. Rubber Sole’s Buddy packed her new waterproof too. The smile was wiped off their faces when they got to Featherbed Lane and realised the road was dry. Despite the odd grey cloud the rest of the evening was mostly sunny. The three of them boiled but they made up the majority of the rainbow photo taken in the car park. It was still quite windy though so it was entertaining watching Pink Panther and Cato trying to play table tennis. The run went up through the village and up to the ridgeway. I don’t have a map and can’t remember anything for more than a minute. Hence every trail is new to me. But it was most enjoyable. Just before the turn to home a dog appeared in front of us. “That looks like Whisper” said Wimpey. And it did. But it couldn’t be – or could it? The dog ran past us and, as we turned, “That looks like Pyro!” Pyro had arrived a little late and followed the beautifully marked trail to catch us up a few hundred yards from the pub. Pink Panther ran like a mad thing where Cato paced himself somewhat and hid in the bushes having taken a short cut, waiting to jump out on his dad. Back at the pub we sat in the garden and had great chips. Sorry, I don’t have any amusing tales from the trail.

On On

Hare: Epic Fail

Hounds: Zorro, Piscine Down, Lemony, Wimpey, Rubber Sole’s Buddy, Ratatouille, Hutch, Northern Soul, Tiger Feet, Pink Panther, Uranus, Uranus, Bjorn Again, Pyro and Whisper

Date: 6 June 2017

Distance: 5.7 miles