Run 1297 - The Fox Denchworth

“Kids and adults love it so, the happy world of ….” Hashing?!?  The real end to the rhyme is Haribo and the hares had a large tub of this particular sweet to provide sugar for the last part of the trail.  More of that later but the sweets were very welcome.

But, on a more serious note, we were all saddened by the announcement at Circle Up that Wimpey would not be hashing any more – because he had a hole on his trainers and was too mean to buy any more! 

Wadud had bumped into CS in the supermarket carpark the day before.  They were old mates from Didcot Runners but Wadud had moved away for some time, only returning recently.  We don’t think the move was inspired by his association with CS as he had turned up for the hash but he did admit to their relationship as being On and Off, more Off than On, actually.  

Piscine Down was a little concerned when she thought she was the only walker this week as the trail was a long one. So she was pleased to see La Crease arrive with Daniel (and FBJ but he was running).  Not only did she have company but could also chat away in French for the whole walk.  However, but proved to be their downfall as they missed a turning and went in the wrong direction for 10 minutes (both out and back).  This caused problems for Patsy and Edina too as they had passed their car keys to Piscine Down for safe keeping.  They’ll learn!

A small but plucky band set off from the pub through the churchyard and across the first field (between new electic fences – I wonder why these are needed).  It was here, so near the beginning of the trail, that Tic decided to open her bowels and present Zorro with a little parcel to carry for the rest of the run.  At least he had a hand warmer for when the cold wind picked up.  We continued to the foot bridge then onwards at a right angle through the next field and across the road into the millennium wood.  Here we were met by a forester who was concerned by all our shouting and determined to make sure we knew which path went through private land.  Luckily our hares knew the area well and turned us off to the right through the wood and across the next field to the railway line where we waited to cross all together.  A short section of road took us through the north of Grove to the stream and the next check.  Hotlips and Lemony decided to look for flour along the edge of the stream.  After finding 2 blobs they heard the cry of “On On” so turned back.  “I don’t mind running along this stretch a couple of times, it is so lovely.”  But they had to turn back again because they had been going the right way.  Pass number 3.  Getting into the next field ahead of the rest of the pack they came to a number 2 on the ground.  So they ran back to the bck of the pack before turning round again and continuing on the trail (5 passes in all – lucky the stream is so picturesque).

The trial continued northwards through Grove Wick Farm, across the railway, pass Bradfield Grove Farm and on to East Hanney.  Checking into the village was a stupid idea as it meant running back into a very strong headwind.  We weaved through the village before turning into the wind again and setting out on a VERY long leg back to Denchworth.  The wind was so strong that we ignored the runbacks, feeling that we could not manage to re-trace our steps.  A few managed to run all the way.  Lemony nearly made it but decided she needed a break so fell over c15 metres from the check at the final junction!  She had already used CS as a wind break but still needed a rest.  Finally a turn right took us onto the road back into the village.  The sweets had definitely sustained us!  Maybe this should become a regular feature?

The pub was very welcoming.  But we headed for the garden for Hash Words so as not to annoy the other customers.  The main item of interest seemed to be the day and price of the Steak Meal offer!

Finally, the group was brought back in line.  CS thanked the virgin hares for a brilliant trail and Ringer  named the latest 3 x hasher – Daniel!  He was wearing his lovely flying helmet hat with the sewn on goggles.  So he is now known as Biggles.

On On

Hares: Mudder and Out to Lunch

Hounds:  Zorro, Gatecrasher, Lemony, Wimpey, Patsy, Eddie, CS Gas, Piscine Down, FBJ, La Crease and Daniel, Ringer, Big Stiffy, Hotlips and Wadud and Tic

Date: 19 March

Distance: 9km (young hares! Makes no sense to me)