Run 1310 - The Flowing Well Sunningwell

We clogged up the car park on a wonderfully sunny evening.  The ladies were virgin hares but had obviously been watching on their previous runs.  The trail was 3 and on until they got bored and went to 1 and on.  Excellent. 

We set off down the road to the left and then cut off towards Blagrove Farm and out to Fox Lane.  Crossing this we followed the trail to, and across Jarn Way.  There were runbacks and a fish hook which kept everyone together.  Along this section Pressganger proudly commented that she was running at the front.  Keep it up!  We need you there. 

We worked our way through Old Boars Hill including THAT steep hill.  Ratatouille came out with the quote of the year.  Looking down the front of her running vest she announced “It’s like Lake Titicaca down there!” Luckily no-one told the stand in RA that one! It was somewhere along here that the group met a cyclist coming the other way.  He slowed down and everything was going well until Tic decided it was time to commit suicide, leaping into his path.  Luckily no damage was done – except probably to the cyclist’s trousers!

We carried on towards, and up, Jarn Mound where sweeties were on offer.  Northern Soul climbed onto the top.  There was concern over the condition of his shorts but, luckily, we was wearing under garments!  We carried on past the beautiful houses on the hill and down Berkeley Road, turning right at the end and then left down Lincombe Lane.  At the corner we met a small dog that had come out from the nearly gateway.  He was keen to follow us but we managed to send him back – twice!  The Hash View was impressive and a good chance to catch our breath before running on down the lane, through the gate, and across the field to Sunningwell and back to the pub.

We sat on the decking for ages as it was such a lovely evening.  Tic played the tart.  She sauntered over to the next group of people and ended up sitting on the lap of a complete stranger eating their crisps!

The Yellow Shirt went to Pressganger for planning the next hash from Wittenham Clumps ie NOT from a pub.  How Rude!! 

Thanks Ladies.  A great run.

On On

Hares: Patsy, Edina and Saffie (or Ab Fab)

Hounds:  Zorro, Piscine Down, Lemony, Wimpey, Big Stiffy, Hotlips, Rubber Sole, Ratatouille, Hutch, Professional Peach, Epic Fail, Twitcher, Henry V, A Cruel Joke, Pressganger, Gatecrasher, Rubber Sole’s Buddy, Northern Soul and Tic

Date: 13 June 2017

Distance:  4.2 miles