Run 1317 - The Greyhound Besselsleigh

“I’m walking tonight” were Lemony’s famous last words as they pulled into the pub car park at 7.02pm to see the hares disappearing down the lane beside the pub.  Wimpey then insisted on doing a full circuit of the car park before going back to the first parking space he saw and taking time to put the crook lock on his sports car before they set off in hot pursuit.  Running down the lane went OK but the corn in the field was very slippery.  But, with their usually flawless timing, they caught up with the pack just as they came back from a pointless run along 2 sides of a triangle. 

We continued on through the cornfield and diverted down to the stream as the hares felt they had to include a water feature if at all possible.

The trail came back along the lane opposite the pub.  Crossing the road took some time and the back markers were met by Stiffy who had been waiting for Hotlips – who had the car key.  She had walked for some of the evening, firstly chatting to Rubber Sole about their forthcoming trip to Australia and then to Lemony for a catch up.  There is no rule to say you have to run all the way, after all.

We took over a large part of the garden and went as far from other customers as we could as Zorro and CS Gas were both bleeding profusely from cuts sustained on the trail.  CS was described as brave but obusive!  No change there then. 

On On

Hares:  Ab Fab

Hounds:  Big Stiffy, Hotlips, Wimpey, Lemony Snickett, Scrubber, Rubber Sole, Ratatouille, Pressganger, Zorro, Epic Fail, Gatecrasher, CS Gas and Tic

Date:  25 July 2017

Distance:  4.4 miles