Run 1426 - Hash BBQ

Distance – 3.5 miles

Date – 10 August 2019

Hashers – Hutch, Rubber Sole, Rubber Sole’s Buddy, Northern Sole, B’Cider, Captain Pugwash, Annus Interruptus, Sophie, Swallow, Big Stiffy, Royal Flush, DJ Doggy Dog, Julie Andrews, Henry V, Accrual Joke

Hares – Lemony Snicket and Buzz

BBQers – Dodgy Sausage, Ruby, Scrumptious, Crown Jewels, Cheesy Balls, Bruce, Wimpey, Saltana, CS, Ben, Alice and Kye

Scribe - Lemony Snicket

Eight cyclists braved an absolute downpour to arrive at 2.45pm, park up and walk to the car park at Culham Lock.  Here they were met by 7 more hashers.  Royal Flush, DJ Doggy Dog and Julie Andrews were not expecting a run so were dressed for the BBQ.  Julie stripped off in the car park to re-appear in running gear which was brilliant as he brought the total number of runners to 5!  As there were 6 ways to check from the start and the walkers were worried about freezing to death, the hares pointed the pack in the right direction.  The trail went up Tollgate Road, through the hedge into the recreation ground and down The Glebe, along the High Street and around the Green to look at the church.  From there we ran up The Burycroft, across the original Culham Bridge (scene of a civil war skirmish) and round the large field to the Donkey Bridge.  The walkers had got ahead of us and the runners were grouped together so the runbacks were very short, but we still did them!  A fish hook had been laid by the bridge but no-one checked that way so the hares gave up on that.  Although Swallow did offer to go that way once she realised our efforts were in vain.  The trail went over the weir (past the Archimedean screw) and through Sutton Pools before regrouping outside Helena Bonham Carter’s house.  Here the hares again took pity on the runners and pointed them home.  Julie Andrews and Swallow were brilliant sports, checking the wrong way on nearly every check even if they were sure they were wrong and Sophie was a godsend, running the whole route, checking and calling.  Let’s hope she has got the bug and will come again.

Back at the house we found CS helping with the BBQ and all the food laid out.  Saltana and Ben joined us.  Ben was fascinated with Northern Sole’s party shirt which was covered with cars and loved Henry V’s watermelon salad.  The rest of AI’s family arrived (Alice and Kye). Kye was so shy that he wouldn’t even look at me but soon settled in with the help of Royal Flush, played ball, ate jelly and let me hug him ’goodbye’.  Sugar is a wonderful thing!

Scrumptious, Dodgy Sausage and his daughter, Ruby, arrived looking a bit weary after having a busy day working at his new house. 

Cheesy Balls arrived with fruit jellies. People’s food had settled by then so jelly and ice cream went down rather well. 

Crown Jewels and Bruce joined us straight from a day’s work.  It was lovely of them to make the effort rather than give in and go to their respective homes to put their feet up.

The rain came down a couple of times, but only briefly.  Ladies (mostly) retired to the summerhouse while chaps moved into the kitchen with the beer.  But we were soon outside again.  People drifted off during the evening with the last few leaving at c9pm.

Thank you all for coming and making it such a fun afternoon/evening. Thank you to those who brought salads and desserts.  All were lovely but I think the 2 apple pies from Royal Flush and DJ Doggy Dog (who sliced apples all morning I believe) stole the show. 

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