Run 1416 North Star Steventon

Hare: Lemony Snicket

Hounds: Behind the Bins, Limerick, Liz, Henry V, Accrual Joke, Rubber Sole, Professional Peach, Patsy (and Bertie), Edina, Zorro, Lemony Snicket and Wimpey, Pays by the Inch, Gnome Alone, Bruce, Julie Andrews, D'rectly, Professional Peach, Annus Interuptus, Eddie the Eagle, Caught on Camera, FBJ

Date: 12 June 19

Distance: 4.5 miles

A cracking route laid with a mischevious fish hook, some wonderful old tractors that Zorro promised to photograph and that Gnome felt compelled to lick the tyres of (we don't ask), loops around the A34 and the railway line belie how gorgeous a route it was!  Pays by the Inch bagged herself some homemade pickled onions courtesy of some lovely locals in the pub, and we finished up with the most sublime cakes made by Wimpy's fair hand - it's only right to say they were amazing and really should be a weekly occurence. 

Some of us also became proud owners of previous versions of Haberdashery - old stock needing new homes. All extra pennies for the Hash kitty. 

The weather was a bit grumpy and cold to start with but we soon warmed up, and were spurred on by FBJ's musical blasting of his 'horn'.  

No Down Down's but we caught up on the plans for Endure24 this coming weekend, and we look forward to seeing 16 of the DH3 Hash running their socks off.

On On