Run 1355 - Royal Oak, Wantage

We missed the briefing, arriving just in time to see the pack run out of the carpark and Dipstick changing out of his suit.  It was a prompt start, unlike Didcot, but essential as it was the first Tuesday run.  At the end I forgot to ask for a map so have no idea where we went!

Wantage is always full of surprises, the mill race, a glorious display of spring flowers, lovely countryside, pretty houses, and an amazing pub where we can get real ale and eat fish and chips from the fish and chip shop!

Reaching the pub we filled the smaller bar.  There were regulars, returners and newbies all squashed in together.  RSB arrived with a willing helper in Uranus who carried the box full of bags of chips.  How many chips!!!!  But we did them justice, only passing 4 packs on to the other bar.  We had sandwiches too, thanks to Dipstick who had come straight from his mum’s funeral.  It was lovely to see him and we raised a glass to his mum.

The AGM commenced:

The following officers continued in post unopposed or were pressganged:

GM – Zorro

RA – Ringer

Hair Raisers – Big Stiffy and Hotlips

Hash Cash – Rubber Sole’s Buddy

Scribe – Lemony

Social Secs – Hotlips and Comet

Habadasher – Professional Peach

Hash Cash gave a finance report:

Money In during 2017 -          £490.89

Money Out during 2017 –      £396.19

Balance in year -                     £  94.70

Reserves -                                £900

Hash Cash is spent on:

AGM drinks and food


Drink each week for hare(s)

Photo books and meals for Pressganger and Eric

Flowers for Hotlips for arranging photo books and meal

Poppy Day donation

New Year’s Day drinks and food

charity donation 

Public liability insurance was discussed.  The hash has had this in the past but have not renewed it for the past few years.  Dipstick stated that Oxford do have this insurance.  He will find out who they use.  Patsy and Edina said that Saffie is an insurance broker so they took an action to ask her.  The hash will then decide if this should be purchased.

Charity donation – last year we put the hash cash raised while Northern Sole was on his cycle ride to his chosen charity.  It was decided that it would be nice to donate to a charity each year but that it should be a charity connected with the hash.  Lemony suggested donating next week’s hash cash to Rubber Sole Junior (RSJ – aka Jess Lever) who is running in the London Marathon.  This was accepted.

There was discussion on how to bring the e:mail list up to date.  Lemony asked if it was necessary as it has not been used for a very long time.  Most people at the meeting did not even know about the e:mail group.  So it was decided to dispense with it.

This was the end of the official meeting.  Ringer then awarded the Down Down T Shirt.  He considered giving it to Big Stiffy and Hotlips for just getting back from Australia, Mudder for drinking water in the pub, generally to the namby pamby folk who had complained about the lack of flour (there was plenty by the way) but awarded it to Ratatouille for asking the RA for a pint of water!

The virgins all enjoyed the run and plan to return, even after they realised that most weeks they would need to pay for their own chips and drink.

 On On

Hares:  Rubber Sole’s Buddy and Northern Sole

Hounds:  Hotlips, Big Stiffy, Mudder, Out To Lunch, Rubber Sole, Zorro, Ratatouille, Hutch, Dipstick, Lemony Snickett, Wimpey, Ringer, Professional Peach, Uranus, Comet, Gatecrasher, Patsy, Edina, Gnome Alone, Dan, Karen, Lou and Mags

Date:  17 April 2018

Distance:  7 km