Run 1334 - The Lamb Buckland

Another glorious, frosty morning.   I’m afraid I couldn’t download the map the hares kindly sent me and Zorro’s download of the route on Facebook doesn’t help me much.   Also, I have left it far too long to rely on my memory!

I know it was a wonderful run, in virgin territory.   Lots of beautiful country footpaths.  A very posh school and an amazing dovecote.  I thought we were going to run all the way to Faringdon at one point!  The Folly was looming large on the horizon.

Back at the pub I had to set off straight away, so apologies if I have missed any hounds off the list.  But I gather a good time was had by all.

We want to go back that way when the azaleas are out.

On On

Hares:  Ab Fab

Hounds: Big Stiffy and Hotlips, CS, Gatecrasher, Lemony Snickett, Ratatouille, Zorro, FBJ, La Crease, Daniel, Tiger Feet, Pink Panther and Catoand dog.

Date:  19 November 2017

Distance:  c5 miles