Run 1333 - The Lamb Little Milton

It is Remembrance Sunday so the hashers met 10 minutes early in a very chilly pub car park to remember all those who have died while serving their country by observing the 2 minutes’ silence.  We also thought of relatives mentioned by the hashers present, particularly Zorro’s great uncle, Sidney who died at 19.  Zorro eloquently explained that those that died very young often had not had time to have a family so were likely to be forgotten.  It was left to non-direct descendents to think of them.  He wore his uncle’s school football medal which is all he knows about him.

Rubber Sole ensured that we were called to order and let us know when it was time to start the run.  We had had to park some way from the pub so most went back to their cars to dispose of extra layers of clothing.  The hare described the hash as “withershins” which is primarily a Scottish term meaning “in a direction contrary to the natural one, especially contrary to the apparent course of the sun or counter clockwise: considered as unlucky or causing disaster.”  Not sure what he meant by that.  We shall have to wait and see!  Hopefully the cress growing out of Uranus’ trainers will sustain us on the trek if it turns out to be a long one!

Jess Lever, or Rubber Sole Junior, joined us this week.  She has recently started running and has a charity place in the London Marathon.  She was running well, despite the slippery mud and is improving rapidly.  Well done, RSJ, keep up the good work.  The hash is behind you all the way.

We headed off south past the church then turned off left.  The sun was shining but the wind was very chilly.  Yes, Northern Sole, I’m moaning!!  We worked our way to Little Haseley, along a very nice tarmac path.  At a check Gatecrasher was saying it was essential to keep your hands in your pockets.  He got a bit of a shock when Lemony stood behind him and put her hands in his pockets too!  We cut through the woods and across the fields then on to Great Haseley, entering the village from the east through the church yard.  We were careful to be quiet and respectful as we passed through.  On the other side we ran through a beautiful estate, split by the footpath, then down a muddy track at the end of which we met a military man who had been in the churchyard.  He had taken the long way round, probably wise considering his shiny shoes.  We had a nice conversation with him and he kindly agreed to pose for a photo with us. 

We carried on northwards to the beautifully restored windmill where Gatecrasher, Lemony and Wimpey hid behind a bush – yes, to get out of that chilly wind – until cajoled out to have a photo taken.  Then the hare pointed out the fish hook!  That was why he was in the lead going up the hill.  Back to the previous junction where we turned West and crossed the road into Great Milton.  The heli pad for The Manoir was a new sight for many of us.  The warning on the gate “Helicopters Landing” was a first.  The front runners thought the trail probably crossed the road and continued down the footpath.  Zorro pushed in front of Wimpey to cross the style but had great trouble getting his leg over because Wimpey pulled his shorts down.  Ratatouille had never seen “hasher’s bum” before.  Quite a shock for the poor young lady.  Anyway, they were all wrong and had to climb back over the style.  Zorro decided to take one of his short cuts and continued on.  The rest turned up the road and across the main road before turning south towards Little Milton.  We came in at the end of Old Field and Ratty realised her car was parked there.  And she had cake!  So an impromptu cake stop was called.  Zorro turned up behind the rest.  Another successful short cut! The apple cake was delicious but it was hard to get the legs going again.  We carried on down the footpath, losing hashers along the way as they peeled off to find their cars and get some warm clothes on.  At the pub we sat in the garden.  Yes, it was chilly!

Everyone kindly agreed to put the hash cash into the British Legion collecting box.

On On 

Hares:  Rubber Sole’s Buddy and Northern Sole

Hounds:  Uranus, Comet, Hutch, Wimpey, Lemony Snickett, Ratatouille, Rubber Sole, Zorro, Big Stiffy, Hotlips, Rubber Sole Junior and Gatecrasher

Date:  12 November 2017

Distance:  5.9 miles