Run 1419 - The Plum Pudding Milton

Hares:  Global Warming and No Ball

Hashers:  Patsy, Edina, Pays By The Inch, Clyde, Eddie the Eagle, Zorro, Wimpey, Lemony Snicket, Caught on Camera, Rubber Sole, Swallow, Pointless, Rachel, Epic Fail, Gnome Alone, Jacqueline, David and their 2 corgis Naruto and Hinata (I hope that is right)

Date:  25 June 2019

Distance:  8km

Scribe: Lemony Snicket

The tone for the evening was set when Jacqueline arrived at the pub with 2 corgis and announced “Don’t pet the big one!” Well, how that didn’t become her hash name I don’t know – more of that later.  The hares were busily re-filling their flour bottles having only just laid the trail.  Although the sun was not out it was a very humid evening so they were thrilled to have to set out again.  But I can say there was plenty of flour to follow.

The trail led round the back of the church and along the footpath to the road bridge before following the causeway into Steventon.  A loop round the green (where the lead runners ignored the hare and refused to run round the trees, instead choosing the shorter route across the grass) and off up towards the railway bridge. 

We found the footpath off to the right, well hidden by the collapsing fence and well protected by the rather large dog on the opposite side of the fence!  Into the field where the On was laid very quickly to ensure it was found and off towards the woods.  Cruelly we then had to turn left and do a rather long, pointless, loop back to the other end of the woods (well done, hares) and back into the village.  Here it got very cunning.  We went down the causeway and right towards the railway bridge for a 2nd time.  Do we have to do another loop?  No, we went left past the pubs and back towards the A34 where we turned right and then left to appear at the far end of Milton by the interchange and ran in to the pub.

Some good beer and chips awaited us and it was very pleasant sitting in the garden.  After a few minutes David appeared.  This was his first hash, he had arrived a bit late and followed the trail by himself.  No mean feat with no knowledge of the markings and his only help his telephone conversations with Jacqueline who had no idea where she was and had 2 rather boisterous dogs to control!  Hopefully he will come again.  There were lots of announcements and discussions.  Faberdashery produced a final draft for the new DH3 logo, which was approved.  We can order any combination of T shirts, vest tops, fleeces etc but it was agreed that we would have 1 colour for running gear (bright) and another for fleeces etc (more subtle).  Faberdashery will suggest some colours and produce a list of items available.  It would be a good idea to have some samples so we can decide on sizing too please.

The Summer BBQ was discussed and it was agreed that it should be held nearer the majority of hashers this year.  No-one volunteered so it will be in Sutton Courtenay chez Wimpey and Lemony.  Date to be decided.

Hashers were asked to think about volunteering to be RA as Pays By The Inch is moving to Wales soon.

Endure 24 – we may have 3 teams as there was lots of interest.  Gnome will post something on Facebook to gauge interest.

This kept the 2 ladies waiting for names for quite some time!

The RA was kept busy with 2 downdowns and 2 namings:

First came the award for the Twat in the Hat.  Swallow had worn the hat on Friday at the Longest Day run so it was passed to Zorro for telling tales on other hashers.

Then came the rather fetching red pants which had been donated to Hash Cash who refused to use them.  These went to No Ball for having the worst handwriting in flour ever!

Finally, Jacqueline and Rachel joined the RA in the circle.  Jacqueline was first.  Because of her corgi friends and the early use of a poo bag on the trail, she is now known as Royal Flush.

The RA had been given lots of information about Rachel but the one that she followed up was her nap in the car that very afternoon – obviously to make sure she had enough energy for hashing – so she is now known as Afternoon Delight.  I wonder how she explained that to her family?

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