Run 1423 The Crown South Moreton

A small but perfectly formed band of Hashers undertook this warm sweaty, tingly hash led by the forever-fabulous Gnome Alone and Cheap Date, it was a cracking Hash route, lots of options, the cheekiest of all was a half-way stop OUTSIDE THE PUB within touching point and none of us caved - that's Hashletes for you. 

We were joined by a Hasher from Bath and Bristol - super speedy Dangleberry who led us to each checkpoint without falter, even though it was the twistiest, nettle ridden Hash in the history of Hashes, he somehow managed to find the right route each time - impressive stuff.  

The rest of us fought our way through bramble, undergrowth, narrow paths and nettles that leave a lass all tingly (Edina won the best comment of the night award).  The motto of the run keep your teeth together your eyes closed, and don't fall down a  rabbit hole. 

Joning us on the Hash were 

  • Dangleberry (Hash tourist)
  • Fluffy Dice 
  • Ringer
  • Gnome Alone (Hare)
  • Prof Peach
  • Hot Lips
  • Wimpey
  • Lemony
  • Cheap date (Hare)
  • Big stiffy
  • Edina
  • Away with the Fairies

We had Martin on his third Hash and whilst he started off his hashing journey with Berkshire the general consensus was that it was our duty to give him his hash name after one too many antics and no Down-Down to pass on.  He took delight in spraying Lemony with ice cold water during our circle-up so Lemony took on the mantle of naming.  Working for the national trust, and as Lemony put it - 'he looks after a lot of national treasures, so the only right and proper name for him...Crown Jewels!'

Don't forget to let Lemony know if you are heading to the BBQ so that she can cater for you, and next week's Hash is at the Wheatsheaf in Drayton.