Run 1259 - The Crown and Horns East Ilsley

Another visit to this part of the world.  A hash with a difference because it was somewhat square shaped.  We headed off East, under the A34 and into the field.  Then we headed North up onto the Downs.  Then West until we practically touched the A34, then back South into the village.

There were long stretches but the path was somewhat warn and very narrow in places making running rather difficult.  It was hot too!  The hare and the walkers took a different route so the resourceful amongst the hounds made arrows out of twigs to point late-comers in the right direction.

Hoodie managed to turn his ankle and ended up limping for half the trail because he had pulled a ligament in his knee.  A great shame as it was his birthday and he was enjoying being out on a sunny evening with a bunch of mad people.  He won’t be running for a while now!

We sat in the pub garden and ate birthday cake and chips – not necessarily at the same time but some probably did.

The Yellow Shirt went to Zorro for being the last to arrive.

On On

Date: 5 July 2016

Distance: 5 Miles

Hare:  Gnome Alone

Hounds:  Francoise, Sandra and Ben, Hutch, Rubber Sole, Piscine Down, Hoodie, Lemny Snicket, Wimpey, Pressganger and Qualcast, Epic Fail, Albert Square, Babs (for the chips and beer and cake anyway), Skidmark, Comet, Uranus, Hotlips, Big Stiffy, Gatecrasher, Zorro, Eric and Dynorod