Run 1260 - The Fox Boars Hill

CS was laying the trail live.  So the pack set off without a hare.  Total confusion reigned after only minutes.  Hotlips and Scrubber set off up the hill and called On, but others had gone down the lane opposite and called On too.  Gnome Alone went down the lane and called On but the ladies were insistent they were correct.  Gnome Alone went after them and they realised that there were 5 blobs going up the hill and then a cross! 

So we followed the footpath down the lane, and then it doubled back on itself.  Here too we found a false after the third blob.  Standing in total confusion Gnome’s phone rang.  It was CS. Gnome told him that we thought his trail had been sabotaged only for CS to say that he had caused confusion on purpose to slow us down at the beginning of the trail.  How kind!  But he had rung to warn us about some low handing barbed wire so we couldn’t complain too much.  Well, maybe we could, when we retraced our steps and followed the road round only to find another check on the corner and hardly any flour on any of the routes.  We finally found the trail leading back to the main road.  Obviously CS had laid this bit from the car and not got very near the check!

We ran up the road before turning off left towards Chiswell Farm, the priory and Youlbury scout camp.  I hope no-one saw grown men taking photographs of small boys in tents!  We went south towards Wootton then turned left onto the footpath to Jarn Mound.  Here we met CS leaning on the gate.  He said he’d meet us at the high point of the trail, but this had to do as there wasn’t one.  He then persuaded Henry V and Rubber Sole that they had to climb the steps to the old view point because the path continued down the other side!  Oh no it didn’t.  So everyone had to troup back down the steps and set off again for the final leg through the woods and out to the south of the pub. 

Back at the pub we sat outside under the largest umbrella I have ever seen and kept out of the rain.  Henry V, not long back from Australia, was wrapped up in a blanket and sitting on a cushion to try to keep warm.

There were no shirts to give out which was a shame as there were a few contenders. 

The chips arrived and Rubber Sole proceeded to split the ketchup over the edge of the bowl and then lick it off!  And Buzz was spotted tying his shoelaces to avoid a run back.

The only Down Down item was the paddle.  Buzz had been going to give it to the hare for the trail but decided on Gnome Alone instead.  So Gnome promised to use it to keep Buzz in check and to show people how the paddle should be used during the trail – not left in the car boot!

On On 

Hare:  CS

Hounds:  Big Stiffy, Hotlips, Rubber Sole, Lemony Snickett, Wimpey, Hutch, Tiger Feet, Gnome Alone, A Cruel Joke, Henry V, Professional Peach, Led Zepplin, Buzz, Scrubber, Skidmark, Gatecrasher, St Bernard and Cheap Date, Epic Fail and Charlie

Date:  26 July 2016

Distance: 4.5 Miles