Run 1269 - The Flowing Well, Sunningwell

Just as we set off Gatecrasher re-visited his car and put on the supergirl pants – incorporating his own inimitable style.  He wore them inside out and fiddling a bit, but they were visible.  We set off right out of the car park and headed towards Bayworth.  The footpaths took us past the golf course at Chandlings Manor – how many under 11s do you know who play golf?  We hit the road  opposite Bayworth House and ran east along Sugworth Lane and over the A34 before turning off again and working our way through Radley Large Wood and Radley Little Wood to the college grounds.  It was already getting dark when we set off east again and met a group of cyclists.  The slower ones were distracted by our lights and keen to go the wrong way!  There followed lots of comments about how flashing (with the camera) would help!

We continued eastwards, crossing both the A4183 and the A34 and off towards Sunningwell again.  The runners split into smaller groups around those who had torches as it was pitch black by now.  The darkness led to a splinter group going across the field and the rest of the pack diverting from the route to follow the safer route along the path.  Actually, this could have been the right way.  By this time we couldn’t spot the flour.

Gatecrasher decided that the supergirl pants had to go to someone podgy enough to be able to keep them on (he being far too slim).  So he chose Epic Fail.

The yellow vest went to Zorro for dragging Tic through a car park on the end of his lead.  The poor little fellow was weighed down by a very large red plastic bone on his collar which kept bashing her.  It held the dog poo bags!

On On 

Hares:  Pressganger and Eric

Hounds:  Zorro and Tic, Rubber Sole, Wimpey, Lemony, Professional Peach, Epic Fail, CS, Chicken Head, Gnome Alone, Gatecrasher, Hutch, A Cruel Joke, Henry V and Qualcast

Date:  6 September 2016

Distance: 5 Miles