Run 1276 - The Red Lion Brightwell-cum-Sotwell

It was lovely to see Big Stiffy back taking a full part in the hash again.  Walking the whole route and keeping everyone so cheerful.

Hotlips has insider knowledge in this village as her mum lives here so she and Lemony set off up the footpath opposite the pub.  Well, Hotlips did, Lemony tried to go up someone’s driveway! But it was the right way.  At the top Lemony decided to follow Epic Fail off to the right instead of trusting her instincts (or those of her mate) and, of course, Epic was wrong.  The trail led to the left and bent back to the road not far from the pub.  At the next check we had a change of rules to 5 and On as there were only 5 runners in the pack and Epic needed to be home before tea time.  (Lack of commitment to the club I feel?)  We turned northwards again, following a footpath and then the road until we crossed the main road and headed up along the side of the trees, climbing, near Brightwell Barrow.  We carried on past North Farm until turning right to join the river near Shillingford.

A lovely stretch along the water’s edge brought us out near the Shillingford Bridge Hotel.  We turned back along the private track for a short distance.  Here Lemony decided to check down hill, in the vain hope that we went along the river again.  But no, the trail went up the steep hill – with a run back for Epic and Hotlips at the top.  Was this the notorious occasion, referred to later in Hash Words, when Hotlips initially refused to take part in a run back before being shamed into it by Epic?  Swallow should have run back too but managed to delay just long enough for the rest of the pack to block the path and bring the back of the group to her!

We continued until we met the track, followed this downwards for a short distance and then turned off left towards Sotwell Hill.  Another turn, this time to the right, took us back to the main road.  We crossed and followed the footpaths back to the road that the pub sits on. 

We took over the pub garden and enjoyed a good natter in the warm afternoon.  The story of I’m Late’s triumphant result in the Budapest half marathon was one worth hearing. 

There was discussion about the Christmas party and various other events.  Hutch took on the role of RA.  Something of a surprise that this normally quiet and retiring member of the group should thrust himself into the limelight.

He awarded the first Yellow Shirt to Pressganger for having an incontinent dog.  The 2nd went to Eric for having a ‘marital disagreement’ when she criticized Weirdo for the way he kicked out a check!

On On 

Hare:  Gnome Alone

Hounds:  Henry V, Pressganger and Qualcast, Hutch, Rubber Sole, Swallow, A Cruel Joke, Wimpey, Lemony Snickett, Scribbler, Epic Fail, Hotlips, Big Stiffy, Eric and Weirdo

Date:  23 October 2016

Distance: Well I ran 6 miles!