Run 1274 - The Shoulder of Mutton Wantage

Many thanks to Swallow for this Hash Trash.  As I shall miss a number of winter runs if ANYONE fancies writing a trash and sending it to me I'd be greatful. Zorro - please let me know the length of this hash.

A small and select group gathered at the pub on a gloriously sunny October morning. Carolyn and Vaughn were back for a second time, but having been at the joint Berkshire/Didcot hash the previous weekend they had learned the wrong way to hash, so a re-education was required.

Pressganger and Ben led the way through town, where Zorro had been kind enough to leave lots of flour - so far so good. Things got a little more edgy when we went off road. Zorro had lovingly laid several run backs but when Uptown Girl and Boozer ended up having to do one, even though they had been walking, it drew attention to the fact there were scant few hashletes amongst us.

When we arrived back in civilization (Letcombe) we waved goodbye to Dipstick who had ‘things to do later’ and so set off on his own. We then went offroad again, on ‘the worst track in Oxfordshire’ (according to Hutch). Tinkerbell pointed out how embarrassing her dad was for wearing his collar up. Presumably if he had had it down, that would have been embarrassing too?

About 30 mins later we neared the end of the muddy track – hurrah. At this point Carolyn made a beautiful sidewise slip right in front of Hutch and Gnome Alone. It was like Del Boy in Majorca but without the cocktail. Amazingly, Dipstick then emerged from the track. Turns out he had got lost immediately after leaving us and had run round a nature reserve for 30 mins. Surely there is a moral in there somewhere?

Views were lovely from this point onwards – and the sun continued. Some took a little short cut down the A417 and the rest continued towards Grove. Swallow was widely ridiculed for saying she had to check the same way as Gnome Alone so they could chat. But got her comeuppance 3 minutes later when they hit a ‘1’ run back, thus separating them and ending said chat.

We reached the outskirts of Grove and had a massive argument about whether it really was Grove or not. I never did find out what the answer was as checking seemed a more fruitful task. Then back to the pub, which has a lovely little patio area. All were accounted for except Dipstick – did he ever finish the trail?

No forfeits to award this week.

On On 

Hare:  Zorro

Hounds:  Henry V, Pressganger and Qualcast, Gnome Alone, Hutch, Rubber Sole, Uptown Girl, Boozer, Slapper, Baby Slapper, Swallow, Tinkerbell, A Cruel Joke, Dipstick, Carolyn and Vaughn

Date:  09 October 2016

Distance: (not sure… Zorro?)