Run 1271 - The George and Dragon, Sutton Courtenay

All but Hotlips were sure the trail led to the left so the hare had to persuade someone to back her up to hear her call ‘On’ as she reached The Fish.  Across the road to Sutton Pools and on to the 2nd island for the first pointless loop of the evening.  Well, not completely pointless as the Hash View was of the hydro-electric scheme being built at the weir and the 3 Archimedean screws that have recently been installed.  There was quite a steep slope down to this island and CS kindly offered a hand to some of the more nervous ladies.  There was also a climb back out.  Unlucky Hotlips was just ahead of CS who grasped her firmly by the buttocks and boosted her up.  The rest of us escaped with holding hands again. 

We passed over the top of the development and carried straight on, only to be called back by the hare because a check had been missed!  Low-Cost had actually disappeared from site but did turn back to enjoy the 2nd pointless loop.  This time round the island and back to the donkey bridge.  During this loop there were a couple of runbacks.  St Bernard had been leading the way so was the first to pass the pack and Babs was very lucky to avoid a Down Down t-shirt at Hash Words for walking back whilst texting on her mobile!  CS took a trip off to the river bank to contemplate the view (!) so we were all glad we didn’t come across any more inclines.  Over the bridge and straight up to Culham Village, another loop – round the back of the church and through the trees – before heading back along the high street, left into the Glebe and into the Rec where Hell Boy scared us all by fitting himself into the baby swing.  Patsy pushed CS on the swing while Tiger Feet, Epic Fail and St Bernard entered a competition to see who could balance across the wobbly beam.  Ou through the trees onto the main road and left back towards the bridges and Pressganger and Pyro who had had to escort their 4-legged friends on a short cut to avoid the play area. 

At the bridge Epic fail was about to set off along the river towards Clifton Hampden but Lemony took pity and called him back.  No false was marked there, so unkind to let him disappear into the middle distance on this occasion.

Over the bridges and into the field, out beside Helena Bonham-Carter’s country seat and straight across the road to All Saints Lane.  A weave down the footpaths – this time Epic was sent on a fool’s errand in the wrong direction because the fault had been laid – and out by the abbey, left into the lanes again before meeting Wallingford Way, crossing over the main road onto the footpath, right along Ginge Brook and right back to the pub.

By this time it was getting rather dark even though it was only 7.30pm.  It was still warm so we took over the garden.  CS had to phone home to see if he was allowed any chips – the answer was ‘No’.  But he obviously still smelt nice as Qualcast spent quite some time sniffing his bits.

CS took centre stage again to act as GM.  The Down Down shirt went to Noddy for cupping his buttocks on his arrival in the car park!

Low-Cost awarded the Supergirl pants (which he remembered were in his car in the nick of time) to St Bernard for not going as far as him when he did his run back.

A great evening and we were all on our way home by 9pm!  Home in time for cocoa.

On On 

Hares:  Wimpey and Lemony

Hounds:  Patsy, Edina, Jo, Hotlips, Call Girl, Bat Girl, Low-Cost, Hell Boy, Epic Fail, Tiger Feet, Big Stiffy, Albert Square, Babs, St Bernard, Noddy, Pyro and Whisper, Pressganger and Qualcast, Rubber Sole’s Buddy and CS

Date:  20 September 2016

Distance: 4.25 Miles