Run 1266 - The Five Horseshoes Maidensgrove

Professional Peach was approaching the car park entrance when she realised her car had a puncture.  So she stopped in the gateway to ensure that the next hashers along helped her change the wheel - which Gnome Alone, Hutch and Northern Sole did.

Zorro was out laying the trail but had sent a copy of the map to Lemony who had brought flour.  Zorro was taking no changes though.  There was an arrow pointing to the right out of the car park and another one taking us left onto the footpath.  From here we went down a very steep hill (and came across the first run back, how cruel).  Left at the bottom and then right into the woods.  Tinkerbell had to be encouraged to turn back at the next runback but caught the bug and did 3 more after that/1  The footpath continued in a straight line for some time going through fields.  There were checks but no other paths to take and, as we were only a small group, we kept together well.  This was important when we came to the field full of rather strong willed cows.  Wimpey, Northern Sole and Gnome Alone were at the front and tried to steer the beasts off the path.  Pyro and Whisper went round behind them to help.  But they kept wandering back onto the path.  Ringer had to hold Tinkerbell’s hand to get her to continue the trail!

The footpath took us through a beautiful garden where the owners were feeding the fish in their pond.  A pleasant interlude.

When we got to Park Corner we started to head home.  It was about here that Zorro caught us up.  We were offered water at a cottage before we headed south across another field of cows.  The lady had obviously been wooed by Zorro earlier in the evening!  We went through the gate in the field – even though there was no fence on either side - skirted the wood before turning back north.  I think we had a first for Didcot hash.  The hare gt to the front of the pack and started doing the runbacks!  Another field and along the edge of the woods before hitting a track where we turned right and then left into the woods and right at the bottom of the steep hill which we had to negotiate (going up this time) to get back to the pub car park.

Once we arrived Rubber Sole brought out the cake she had made to celebrate Hutch’s 60th birthday.  Most enjoyable.  The 5 Horseshoes was closed so we followed Zorro to The Fox at Christmas Common where we took over the small bar and finished our enjoyable evening listening to Zorro’s sad tale of reccying the trail.  He planned to drive straight to Maidensgrove from work but realised he had forgotten to pack his running gear and flour so had to stop off at Asda first!  He should have got some plasters at the same time because his arm was bleeding by the end of the trail.

Another great evening. 

On On 

Hare:  Zorro (and Lemony Snickett)

Hounds:  Rubber Sole’s Buddy, Wimpey, Northern Sole, Hutch, Rubber Sole, B’Cider, Professional Peach, Gnome Alone, Cheap Date, Ringer, Dingaling, Tinkerbell, Gatecrasher, Pyro and Whisper

Date:  16 August  2016

Distance: 3 Miles