Hash Trash

Irreverent ramblings regarding some of our previous runs. Many more from the archive have yet to be uploaded.

  • Run 1173 - Christmas at Gnome's

    It was dark, it was raining and it was very muddy but Gnome insisted we still run his trail.  Where was his Christmas spirit?  It was a good run round Upton but it was dark so I have no … more

  • Run 1171 - The Red Lion Cholsey

    Noddy had messaged on Facebook as she was worried she was at the wrong pub.  No, my dear, you were just an hour early!  What had happened?The checking was frenetic from the pub.  … more

  • Run 1170 - The Crown Stadhampton

    What a wonderful trail awaited the small number of hashers who ventured out through plague and pestilence, well floods on the roads anyway.  Lemony was venturing back after a long absence with a … more

  • Run 1163 - The Five Horseshoes Maidensgrove

    Following the sat nav was not the best way to find the pub this week as it took you straight on into the village, bypassing the pub altogether!  Luckily Zorro was standing at the entrance to the … more

  • Run 1162 - The Shepherd's Hut Ewelme

    The car park was full to bursting point as a large crowd turned up to run in the dark and risk serious injury.  We set out along the stream and got split up straight away.  And we could … more

  • Run 1161 - The Fleur de Lys East Hagbourne

    Hutch had taken up the gauntlet and offered to lay the trail, planned by Gnome Alone, as Gnome had family commitments.  It was a live trail and Hutch was worried about being mugged, sorry, … more

  • Run 1159 - The Bell Aldworth

    A momentus occasion!  The last time we had to run a trail laid by Hutch for at least 10 months!  Or so we thought …….

    A good crowd were gathered outside the pub on this warm … more

  • Run 1158 - The Plum Pudding Milton

    After the previous week, a 7pm Prompt start had been agreed.  Lots of hounds were champing at the bit but where was the hare?  No-one cared so they set off.  The trail went along the … more

  • Run 1157 - The Bat and Ball Cuddesdon

    Not a huge gathering at the pub but Billy Whizz had warned at least one other hasher to stay away because the run was “long and boring”.  So long and boring, in fact, that Billy had … more

  • Run 1156 - The Six Bells Warborough

    The rain fell and the black clouds were gathered overhead as we drove out to Warborough.  But it was dry when we arrived.  There was lots of discussion over whether waterproofs should be … more

  • Run 1155 - The Black Horse, Checkendon

    A glorious rainbow was visible from the South East as we all drove on towards our rendezvous point.  But luckily the rain was moving away.  The excitement didn’t stop there. The … more

  • Run 1154 - The King William Hailey

    We arrived to find only Henry V in the car park.  A Cruel Joke was out re-laying the trail for the third time after the torrential rain but would meet us half-way round.  Ringer was late … more

  • Run 1153 - Ringer's Pad Childrey

    The rain clouds parted as we approached Childrey, closely followed by A Cruel Joke in his mini.  “Look out for Rear Admiral, he promised to stand on The Green and direct us.” No sign … more

  • Run 1152 - The Ladygrove Didcot

    At the briefing Wimpey explained that, being Didcot Hash, we had to visit the town some time during the year, and this, unfortunately, was the week.  The trail could not be described as … more

  • Run 1151 - The Doghouse Frilford Heath

    Now, was it gremlins, another Hashing group, or Gatecrasher going mad?  Answers on a postcard please.  The evening started pleasantly.  A reasonable crowd and a dry evening.  We … more

  • Run 1150 - The Barley Mow Clifton Hampden

    What is this summer coming to?  Another glorious evening and huge pack of hounds eager for a good trail.  Gatecrasher was one of the first, doing at least one circuit of the very large car … more

  • Run 1149 - The Cherry Tree Stoke Row

    Heavy rain and the warning to wear long trousers may have put some of the fainter-hearted hashers off.  But by the time we arrived the sun was out and we had a wonderful run.


    We turned … more

  • Run 1147 - The Royal Oak Wantage

    A Cruel Joke opened proceedings by explaining that the hash is a place to discuss sport and beer.  Any talk of weddings, food, etc would be severely punished.

    The run was glorious and rather … more

  • Run 1146A - The Longest Day Streatley Hill

    How many hashers can you fit in the car park at the top of Streatley Hill?  Lots!  There were murmurings of concern at 4.20am when the Jefferies’ mean machine (or campervan) had not … more

  • Run 1146 - The Rising Sun Witheridge Hill

    Another glorious run.  I think we hardly came out of the trees all evening.  Or was that just Northern Soul and Rubber Sole’s Buddy up to mischief again. Mind you, the Finnish had was … more