Hash Trash

Irreverent ramblings regarding some of our previous runs. Many more from the archive have yet to be uploaded.

  • Run 1128 - Four Horseshoes Checkenden

    What a beautiful day for a run – although the pub car park was a foot deep in mud and full of large vanloads of dogs, and the pub was shut.  But what else could go wrong?


    Wimpey … more

  • Run 1127 - White Horse Hill Car Park

    Wimpey spotted an On On T shirt some way from the rendevous point and quick, or really very slow, thinking on the part of Lemony came to the conclusion that it was Cabouse advertising that he would … more

  • Run 1126 - The Sweet Olive Aston Tirrold

    The hares had visited The Sweet Olive but been told we were not welcome.  So the trail started from the village hall and the On Inn was moved to The Crown at South Moreton.

    It was sunny but … more

  • Run 1124 - The Plough West Hanney

    A sunny, but rather chilly morning was waiting for all us willing runners - along with Ringer in those shorts!  It was lovely to see Twitcher again but a bit late to start his fitness regime for … more

  • Run 1123 - The Red Lion Peppard Common

    A brilliant crowd, some because the ground elsewhere was far too saturated (or under water) to do anything else or because there were no trains running from Culham to get back to Uni.  But we … more

  • Run 1122 - The Boars Head Ardington

    It was not raining but Osborne promised us plenty of mud.  It was lovely to see Mismatch again finally over her bout of injuries.  We set off left from the pub and, on the corner, met a … more

  • Run 1121 - The Packhorse Steventon

    Dancing Queen stood in the car park, video camera on his head, shivering from the cold.  And he had only just arrived.  Poor Epic Fail had laid the trail, got home with only enough time to … more

  • Run 1119 - The Plough Long Wittenham

    The weather did not look promising but, trusting in the BBC Weather, a reasonable crowd gathered in the pub car park.  Ringer had driven through bright sunshine on the way over so was grumbling … more

  • Run 1116 - The Crown Stadhampton

    Wimpey and Lemony were keen to get the run underway on time so started nagging Ringer and Gatecrasher to get over to the carpark.  They should have known better!  Then Zorro asked Lemony to … more