Hash Trash

Irreverent ramblings regarding some of our previous runs. Many more from the archive have yet to be uploaded.

  • Run 1145 - The White Hart Nettlebed

    What colour sense again this week!  Ringer in bright yellow running socks was a bit dazzling, but the red legs did clash rather.

    Another lovely evening too.  We set off through the village … more

  • Run 1144 - The Red Lion Woodcote

    A new must-have fashion accessory!  Green shorts on pink ribbon.  Henry V looked fabulous and didn’t have to go too near the crutch – still showing signs of stainage after 2 … more

  • Run 1143 - The Crown South Moreton

    It was drizzling when we arrived and the dampness was a constant theme of the run.  General dampness exuded from the hares.  “It’s a rubbish trail”, “If no-one turns … more

  • Run 1142 - The George and Dragon Sutton Courtenay

    We were missing a few of the locals this week.  Rubber Sole had chosen Chelsea over Sutton Courtenay – and we had planned the route to include such lovely flora today.  Northern Soul … more

  • Run 1141 - The Plough East Hendred

    There was a bowls match going on at the pub and many of the ‘older’ members of our group rather fancied trying their hand.  But we persuaded them that we needed them on the hash.& … more

  • Run 1140 - The Black Horse Gozzard's Ford

    The bluebells were beautiful and made up for the previous week when they had only been visible in the wood beside the road on the way to the pub!The list of injuries was rather long.  Big Stiffy … more

  • Run 1139 - The Plough Appleton

    The trial was due to be laid by Epic Fail but he was unavoidably detained in a foreign country so asked for substitute.  It was a shame as he had banged on so much the week before about how Epic … more

  • Run 1137 - The Bay Tree Grove

    I can't tell you much about this one as I wasn't there.  But, if anyone has any anecdotes they would like me to post, please send them on to me.  I believe there was much hilarity at Epic … more

  • Run 1136 - The Crown Wallingford

    Summer must be here as it was the first Tuesday night run.  We set off left from the pub and straight across the road onto a raised causeway.  Some distance along here we came to a dividing … more

  • Run 1135 - The King's Head and Bell Abingdon

    The last Sunday run until the Autumn!  But it clashed with the White Horse Half Marathon so Rubber Sole’s Buddy was looking a little anxious at 1055 when there was no-one at the pub!  … more

  • Run 1134 - The Hatchet Childrey

    What a crowd gathered at the pub in the sunshine.  There were concerns about congestion as a bike ride was also advertised for the same village.  But they had all long gone and were not due … more

  • Run 1133 - The Kings Arms Sandford

    Even prior to the run there was potential Down Down Vest activity with the hares spotting canoodling going on at the footbridge!  La Crease and FBJ thought their activities were unobserved!  … more

  • Run 1132 - The Star Sparshot

    Sunshine lit up the group as they gathered outside the pub.  A proper runner approached down the hill.  It was Mismatch.  She joined our group and berated Ringer for not picking her up. … more

  • Run 1131 - The Fox Steventon

    A late change of venue, but it seems that everyone got the message and was ready and eager to go.  It was a glorious sunny morning, so why have the hares turned up in their wellies?  The … more

  • Run 1130 - The Lamb Little Milton

    There was confusion over the venue.  It was probably the hares going senile.  So Lemony stood at the gate to shepherd anyone who was heading for Great Milton into the car park.  There … more

  • Run 1129 - Three Horseshoes Garsington

    Wimpey saw Rubber Sole’s Buddy ahead and decided to follow her as she obviously knew the way to the pub.  It turned out that she did, but that she particularly liked the scenic route via … more

  • Run 1128 - Four Horseshoes Checkenden

    What a beautiful day for a run – although the pub car park was a foot deep in mud and full of large vanloads of dogs, and the pub was shut.  But what else could go wrong?


    Wimpey … more

  • Run 1127 - White Horse Hill Car Park

    Wimpey spotted an On On T shirt some way from the rendevous point and quick, or really very slow, thinking on the part of Lemony came to the conclusion that it was Cabouse advertising that he would … more

  • Run 1126 - The Sweet Olive Aston Tirrold

    The hares had visited The Sweet Olive but been told we were not welcome.  So the trail started from the village hall and the On Inn was moved to The Crown at South Moreton.

    It was sunny but … more

  • Run 1124 - The Plough West Hanney

    A sunny, but rather chilly morning was waiting for all us willing runners - along with Ringer in those shorts!  It was lovely to see Twitcher again but a bit late to start his fitness regime for … more