Run 1478 - AGM Minutes

Didcot Hash House Harriers

Annual General Meeting – 18 May 2021


Attendees:  Lemony Snicket, Hotlips, Big Stiffy, Noddy, Professional Peach, Patsy, Edina, Hash Hoodie, Billy Whizz, Gatecrasher, Technicolour Horn, Dipstick, Uranus, Global Warmer, Wimpey, Zorro, Piscine Down, Pressganger, Henry V, Accrual Joke, Gnome Alone and Cheap Date

Apologies:  Rubber Sole’s Buddy, No Ball, Afternoon Delight

1 - Election of Officers

GM – Gnome Alone explained that, when he stood down as GM a few years ago he proposed that the post only be held for 2 years.  This was accepted and the rule followed.  However, he proposed that, during this uncertain time of Covid, Lemony should continue in post as she has been handling the admin and has a system in place that is working.  This was seconded by Big Stiffy and accepted by the meeting.  The meeting was asked if anyone else wanted to take over but there were no volunteers.  Lemony is willing to continue in post for another year.

RA – This post was vacant.  The GM asked for volunteers and, after a long period of silence, Hash Hoodie offered to take the role, although he is not a particularly regular attendee. 

Hare Raiser(s) – Hotlips and Big Stiffy agreed to continue and no-one else volunteered for the role.

Hash Cash – Rubber Sole’s Buddy agreed to continue and no-one else volunteered for the role.

Haberdashery – This role is vacant. See Item 5 for more information.  If anyone would like to take on this role please speak to the GM.

Scribe – This post was vacant.  The GM asked for volunteers and Zorro offered to take the role.  He has been posting his run on Facebook every week for some time which has been much appreciated.

Chipmeister – This role was vacant.  The GM asked for volunteers.  Accrual Joke spoke saying that he had taken it on himself to conduct a survey of the price of chips in pubs and these were at least £3 a portion.  He also said that DH3 had been collecting £1 for chips for many years and it was time to increase this to £2.  This motion was agreed.  Accrual Joke was reticent to take on the role of Chipmeister but, with no-one volunteering and this being probably the most important role in the hash, Henry V said he would take the role.  That was good enough for the meeting.

Webmeister – This post was vacant.  CS Gas has moved away and has contacted Zorro (who has had limited access to update the DH3 website) to hand over full control.  A volunteer was asked for.  No-one was forthcoming so Zorro agreed to will take this on but would be happy to pass it over if anyone else would take it over. 

2 – Formation of the Committee

The GM said there hasn’t really been a committee before 2 years ago and, at that time, all hashers holding an office were invited to join the committee.  However, this has been a little unwieldy.  So the GM proposed the committee be made up of: 

GM – main hash organiser

RA – deputy for GM

Hare Raiser(s) – any committee decision will need people to participate and the hare raiser is the one to find these

Hash Cash – any committee decision will probably need some funding

General Members – volunteers who are happy to voice an opinion and help in decision making

This structure was agreed.

3 – Election of General Committee Members

There were 3 volunteers – Global Warmer, Noddy and No Ball.  It was agreed that all 3 should join the committee.

4 – Finance Report (1.1.20-31.12.20)

The GM read the Finance Report prepared by Hash Cash who could not attend.    In summary:

Income:  £157.58 (Hash Tick)

Expenditure:  £156.78*

Balance for the year:  £0.08

Balance in the bank:  £1,333.73

*Expenditure included Hash insurance, Covid safe equipment, drinks for hares, names on tops, mince pies at New Year, donations to Australian Firefighters.

The full report is available if anyone would like to read it.

5 – Faberdashery/Haberdashery

Patsy and Edina took on hash haberdashery in 2019.  Patsy explained their actions – creating a design without a clear brief, choosing a supplier and items to have available, surveying hashers on a few occasions to see if they would buy the clothing and advertising the items on the website for individuals to order for themselves.  However, something has not worked as very few items of clothing have been bought.  She asked why and the main comments from the attendees were that the design didn’t sufficiently represent walkers, was somewhat generic so was not obvious it represented DH3, delivery charges were expensive and the lethargy of hashers to ‘get round’ to ordering for themselves.  Patsy and Edina said they had known the changes were somewhat radical but had given it a try.  However, their approach had not worked so they were standing down to let someone else have a go.

The discussion broadened to suggest going back to an image of the Didcot towers or a train, whether we should concentrate on a shirt for our 1500th run, subsidising the cost, having samples to help with sizing (as once a shirt has a name printed on it, it can’t be returned) and bulk ordering.

No-one offered to take over haberdashery but the committee will take this up and decide a way forward.

6 – Structure of Future Hashes

The GM asked how we wanted to structure runs in future now that we are allowed in pubs.  Patsy rightly highlighted the shortcomings of the venue for the AGM and a few hashers agreed that they felt uncomfortable.  So it was agreed that we would continue to start at 6.45pm and would only meet in a pub garden.  If any hashers want to sit inside a pub they may do so but would not be part of the hash at that point.  We shall review the situation regularly.

7 – Social Events

Longest Day Hash – Monday, 21st June.  Scrumptious and Noddy will provide bacon butties (or a vegetarian alternative), Spot and Lemony will be the hares.  The exact venue will not be published until nearer the time in case Covid restrictions are not lifted further and we are limited to 30.

English Wine and Food Festival – Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th July.  Permission to camp on site is expected.  We would arrive on the Friday evening, maybe have a walk or bike ride on Saturday morning, enjoy the festival, plan something for Sunday morning and then go home.  People can join for all or any of the events but anyone camping would have to arrive on the Friday evening.

BBQ – Wimpey offered to host the BBQ again on a date to be arranged.

Run 1500 – this is likely to fall in October unless we have another break in hashing.  Should we do something special?  If so what?  Gnome Alone reminded the meeting that October is Hash CAMRA time.  If we could host the CAMRA we could combine the events.  Lemony will investigate.

Suggestions –

1 – Dipstick suggested hiring boats or canoes from AV Boats’ new location at Abingdon Bridge. 

2 – Uranus asked if the Hash would be willing to volunteer to marshall a Parkrun once the event starts again.  This was agreed as it is a good way of advertising the hash and is good fun.   

8 – Renaming

A hasher can be re-named at the AGM.  Professional Peach was upstanding.  Her name is never used and the explanation for it a little complicated.  So neither PP nor other hashers are keen on it.  However, it is always dangerous to comment on your name!  PP is running longer and longer distances these days so names associated with the Duracel bunny were considered.  But she is also an excellent cake maker and cook.  So she was re-named Fanny Craddock, or Fanny for short!

9 – Any Other Business

Nothing else was raised and people were ready to go home – particularly those who hadn’t brought enough dry clothing!


Lemony Snicket