Run 1455 - The Blueberry, Blewbury

The hares struggled through snow and high winds, making it up to the top of the hill and surviving to tell the tale.  But they, very sensibly, gave up and went home for a cuppa.  So Accrual Joke set off to lay the rest of the trail while Henry V met the hashers at the pub.  We were a select few but enough runners and walkers to make both the run and the walk work very well.  The trail was not predictable.  We knew we were heading up hill but each time we tried to turn left the trail carried straight on!  Finally, at the very edge of the village, we were allowed to head upwards.  It was tough going against the wind.  Lemony tucked in behind Zorro and slipstreamed him – until he decided to take Tic off the lead and stopped!  Most inconsiderate.  We reached Churn Farm and rested at the check.  Everyone decided the only way was to continue up the hill.  Comet and Lemony hung back but then got caught up in the moment and set off too, only to be called back by Henry V as the trail went right towards the farm.  This part of the trail was breezy, but then the trail turned left and straight into the wind – not that was breezy!!  At this point the walkers were up with the runners.  A sign of very good trail laying.

Eventually we cut back diagonally across the farmland as far as a cross roads in the footpaths.  Here the walkers turned right, back towards Blewbury, and the runners turned left to Hollow Way.   Here we turned down hill until we crossed the road and went into Upton.  A few little wiggles took us past Upton Manor (beautiful) and a very sad looking orchard on the other side of the trail.  Maybe we could have a hash project to clear it and get the fruit growing again?A long leg across the fields to Blewbury brought the runners into the village in small groups.  Crown Jewels, Comet and Lemony followed the arrow to the right, Gnome Alone tried to call them back to go straight on but they were having none of it.  Wimpey and Zorro followed Gnome and realised they were off trail.  Wimpey turned right to meet the main road but Zorro was insistent that he had to follow the trail so turned back to the previous mark.  What dedication.

Everyone made it back to the pub, even Henry V’s hat got there eventually – she makes a habit of dropping it on the trail – where the hares very kindly provided some sharing pizzas for us all.  We sat in a very comfy corner of the bar and were very tempted to make an afternoon of it!

Thanks very much hares, not a huge group of hashers but everyone really enjoyed it.

Hares:  Henry V and Accrual Joke

Hashers:  Zorro, Piscine Down, Wimpey, Lemony Snicket, Gatecrasher, Crown Jewels, Cheap Date, Gnome Alone, Penny Pitstop and Comet

Date:  1 March 2020

Distance:  9km

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