Run 1454 – The Black Horse, Checkendon

Cheap Date was listed as co-hare on the website but had gone to mind her grandchildren and support her daughter who was running a half marathon.  So Gnome Alone lived up to his name, arriving at the pub at 7.30am to lay the trail before we all arrived.  He had managed to go rund the whole trail without getting his feet wet – he had worn wellies, of course – so there was no hope for the rest of us.

There were 7 runners so we decided to go with 6 on a check and completely ignore No 7 – not true, of course, no-one is ever left behind when Didcot Hash are on the trail.  Cabouse had decided to join us even though BH3 were in nearby Sonning Common.  Then he admitted it was the call of the pub that made him choose us.  We still like to pretend it was our company really.

The mud wasn’t too bad for the first half of the trail when we ran up and down hills in the woods.  But after about half way round the mud got thicker and thicker.  The wind was quite exhilarating and then the rain started!  Gnome offered a short cut – well it was 1235 by this time.  Only Zorro voted for the full trail.  But in the end we only cut off a very short length so honours were satisfied.

The pub was packed to the doors as always and it was lovely to see Pressganger, who had come well out of her way, waiting to say ‘hello’ before setting off back to Chepstow.

A lovely run and so much more fun than staying at home!

Hares:  Gnome Alone

Hashers:  Patsy, Edina, Zorro, Wimpey, Lemony Snicket, Piscine Down, Pyro and Whisper, B’Cider, Hotlips, Big Stiffy, Cabouse and Pressganger was in the pub when we got back there

Date:  23 February 2020

Distance:  9-10km

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