Run 1446 - New Year's Day Run

The sun shone as a small group gathered in the car park. The trail led over the bridges and across the field to The Fish, down All Saints Lane and wiggled through plenty of mud until it came out at the village hall and continued to the main road. Here we turned right and headed back towards the village before detouring down Mill Road, along the fields and down Ginge Brook, turning back into the village and following round back to The Fish. Here people chose between going to the car park or straight to the house where Wimpey had laid on mulled wine, mince pies and stollen. Here poor Whippet had to put her foot up and use an ice pack as she had twisted her ankle at the last style.

Eddie the Eagle met us in All Saints Lane and kept us company until the main road, when she turned left and headed for home. AWOL and Fluffy Dice appeared at the house 20 minutes after everyone else. They had arrived late, followed the flour but got confused in the village on the way back as the On Inn directed them through a false marking. The smaller numbers than usual meant mince pies will be provided at the next hash – or 2!

On On

Hares: Lemony Snicket and Hash Hoodie (who laid it but did not run it!)

Hashers: Lilo and Tin Opener from BH3, Patsy, Gatecrasher, Whippet Good, Spongebob, Balaclava, Rubber Sole’s Buddy, Cock Tail, Catherine (sorry, can’t remember your hash name), Geoff, Eddie the Eagle, Away With The Fairies and Fluffy Dice

Date: 1 January 2020

Distance: 3.5 miles