Run 1444: The Sheperd's Hut, Ewelme

Sunshine, mud glorious mud, Bertie standing paw-deep in puddles, some big-assed puddles they were too, and a gorgeous morning for a hash. 

A different route, an energetic Hot-Lips who the rest of us couldn't keep up with (and Dee), and some not very water-proof flour meant we had fun tracking our way. 

This week we were joined by

Away with the Fairies

Fluffy Dice

Dee (sorry i don't know your Hash name)

Professional Peach and family!

Captain Pugwash


Rubber Sole

Rubber Sole's Mate

Northern Sole



Big Stiffy



Just Jackie

Ab-Fab - Patsy and Edina


And Bertie the dog


Don't forget the Boxing Day walk from Home Sweet Home in Roke, 1030am! 

That just leaves me to wish you a happy, peaceful, relaxing and very hashy Christmas.  Ho ho ho, on on.