Run 1441 - Seven Stars, Marsh Baldon

Rain fell as the select group met in the car park.  It was nice to see Hash Hoodie again, hopefully it won’t be years until his next outing with the hash – maybe we can persuade him to help hare next week?  There were a few false starts as hashers disappeared into the pub to use the loo, then Scrumptious handed over to Dodgy Sausage, our virgin hare, to introduce the run.  

The trial led off down the road towards Nuneham Courtenay before turning on to the footpath by the church.  We had been warned about slippery styles and bridges so, after the first couple of hashers climbed the first style, the rest of us went through the gate! The electric fence confused Hotlips until Scrumptious advised Dodgy to disconnect it, then we were on again.

The sun came out as we turned left and headed back towards the edge of the village. A lovely trail at the edge of the trees before heading right, off into the countryside.  A turn towards Toot Baldon was rewarded by the view of 3 hares racing across the field in front of us.  They ran and ran, an amazing sight that was, luckily, not spotted by Whippet’s two four-legged friends. Otherwise we would have watched her being dragged across the field and down a rabbit hole! A long run across the field and then round the edge to a check … and a hole in the hedge! Yes, through we went, on an official footpath I hasten to add, and a very long leg into the village by The Mole pub.  A regroup gave us time to catch our breath.  We turned left and then right to run past the Manor House (beautiful) and down the hill.  Luckily we didn’t continue onwards to the sub-station in the distance but turned left to the old roman road and left to New Farm before turning left again and ending up back at The Mole!

The track between the trees down to the church brought back memories of previous runs.  A wonderful view over the churchyard and the fields and trees beyond met us before we headed down the hill and across the field to the edge of Marsh Baldon before heading down the lane and crossing the green back to the pub.  The walkers were waiting for us, sitting round the real fire, and we all enjoyed chips (they were better value than remembered) and mince pies provided by the hares!

On On

Hares:  Scrumptious and Dodgy Sausage

Hashers: Accrual Joke, Henry V, Zorro, Piscine Down, Hash Hoodie, Hotlips, Big Stiffy, Balaclava, Whippet Good, Gatecrasher, Wimpey and Lemony Snicket

Date: 1 December 2019

Distance: 5 miles