Run 1440 - The Maltster's Arms Rutherfield Greys

What amazing autumn colours!  Although I was looking at my feet most of the time while running, the scenery was amazing.  It was even better on the drive to and from the pub.  I don’t think I have seen such beautiful leaves.  If only we had had some sunshine!

The trail wound its way down the country lanes until we got to a dividing of the ways.  The walkers (Stiffy, Piscine Down and Accrual) set off left, Pyro and Wimpey joined them as they decided 7k was enough for them.  Hotlips, Crown Jewels, Lemony and Zorro set off right down the hill to add on a 2k loop. The last group did best as they had the hare with them, although they found themselves in a field with rather enthusiastic cows.  To make sure they avoided them, Hotlips and Lemony headed for the fence – through the deepest mud we have hashed in for some time – but the cows were only inquisitive.  From there they followed the valley back along to the village coming out by the church.

The other two groups got lost despite Pyro knowing the area well, she and Wimpey missed a trail immediately they set off on their own.  The walkers managed better until conversation meant they too missed a turning.  The irony being that Piscine Down went along the correct route for a minute of personal time and saw the flour but wondered why Zorro had laid flour there rather than realising it was the correct way!

But everyone had a great run and the detours meant that all arrived back at the pub within a few minutes.  Perfect.

On On

Hare:  Zorro

Hounds:  Wimpey, Piscine Down, Crown Jewels, Pyro, Lemony Snicket, Hotlips and Big Stiffy and Accrual Joke

Date: 24/11/19

Distance: Various!