Run 1439 - The Blewberry Inn Blewbury

This was a joint hash with Berkshire so there was an enormous crowd flooding the village of Blewbury.  An American hasher called Hooters, now living in said village, came along to see how it is done in the UK.  She enjoyed the run so we hope we see her again.

The trail was reccied and planned by Epic Fail but he didn’t have time to lay it, including the falses which are important on a joint hash.  So Stiffy, Hotlips and Lemony joined forces to dump umpteen bags of flour across the countryside. 

Epic took the circle outside the pub and explained that he was still suffering after indulging in too much alcohol the night before – he proved this by drinking a glass of water in the pub later!

The trail weaved through the village before setting off up to the Ridgeway.  The long run up was broken by a check and some numbers.  Comments like “It can’t go that way, it’s back down hill” were greatly appreciated, as it did go back down hill, only to turn at the next junction and go back up again.  Up and up we went, with a group photo near the summit.  “It must go back down from here” drew another smile from the hares, as we continued up and over the top before turning back for the long, long downhill “On Inn”.

Berkshire were brilliant, obeying our regroups, six on a check and number runbacks. So the pack were kept together well.  This in turn gave the opportunity to chat with different people.

Berkshire do beer down downs.  I had to leave early but understand that Hotlips got one.  I think we need to pay Motocross (Berkshire RA) back next time we see him as the deal was he only gave a down down to Epic!

On On

Hares:  Epic Fail, Big Stiffy, Hotlips and Lemony Snicket

Hounds:  Gatecrasher, Hooters, Dodgy Sausage, Scrumptious, Patsy, Edina, Saffie, Wimpey, Comet, Uranus, Afternoon Delight, Zorro, Piscine Down, Professional Peach, Eddie the Eagle and Pete

Date: 17/11/19

Distance: 5.5 miles