Run 1438 - The Red Lion - Brightwell 'On back Lemony'

A glorious crisp sunshine-fuelled Sunday Hash, saw a small but perfectly formed group of four-legged friends joined by their humans!

We stood soaking up the sunshine before heading off for a fabulously muddy, clumps-spectacular. 

Hares Stiffy and Hot-lips treated us to some cracking hash views, and a lot of 'on-back Lemony' moments epitomised the Hash. 

We were joined in no particular order by 

Tic (Lunatic) - humans - Zorro & Piscine Down

Sophie, Scout and Skippy - humans - Wippet & Sponge-Bob

Whisper - human 0 Pyro



Eddie the Eagle

Professional Peach

Gate Crasher

Fluffy Dice

Away with the Fairies

Big Stiffy

Hot Lips

On on!