Run 1435 - The Royal Oak, Wantage

Hare – Zorro

Hashers – Comet, Gnome Alone, B’Cider, Rubber Sole’s Buddy, Northern Sole, Whippet, Dave, Cock Tail, Balaclava, Wimpey and Lemony Snicket

Date: 13 October 2019

Distance: 6km, 8km or 12km

We were a couple of runners down because of the Oxford Half Marathon but those that turned up at the Wantage car park were all there to support Zorro (a last minute replacement hare) in the pouring rain.  What superheroes!  Dave was even wearing his shorts outside his leggings.

We did a few wiggles round the town, going along beside the stream and under a rather low bridge, before heading out along the main road towards Grove and joining the rather muddy path past The Boss and Julie Andrews’ pad.  They had a poor excuse for not being at the hash – they were away!  Who would choose Ramsgate over a hash? And that from a girl who comes from Kent.

We headed out across the fields and along the old canal.  There was lots of jumping in puddles and splashing each other until Whippet planted 2 muddy hand prints on Wimpey’s bum and he called a truce!  Then came the decision point.  Who wanted to run 8k and who wanted to add on another 4k?  Gnome Alone was up for doing the long trail so Lemony and Comet felt they should keep him company.  How mad they were!! It wasn’t a hash from here on, but a run.

The walkers had a shorter route and decided to go for the Hash on the Hoof method and use local knowledge to follow a lovely path around the town.

We finally all met at the pub – after Whippet defaced Behind the Bins’ doorstep which is just round the corner from the pub.

Not much to report from the pub – apart from the excellent beer, of course – except a naming.  We were all superheroes for turning up but which one did Dave represent most?  With all the rain we could have done with some help.  Maybe one with heat to dry up the rain?  That would have made running too hot.  Or one to blow the rain away? That would have made it too hard to run.  The best would be one to soak up all the rain, so he was named after the most respected of them all – Spongebob!

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