Run 1434: The Bell at Aldworth

When the weather, the views, the company all converge... what do you have? A fabulous Hash. 

A really nice trail, lots of downs and ups, a muddy Cheese Balls having taken a nose-dive - mobile phones are shocking distractions.  We found ourselves charging down a hill at warp speed getting a little too carried away and going off-course, Wimpey to the rescue!

The warmth from the sun as we sat in the garden admiring the whopping cheese ploughmans being served, Zorro with a burst of energy couldn't sit still and was spotted running around the idea why BUT the grin on Zorro's face was all that mattered. 

Thanks to Accrual and Henry V for a great Hash

Hashletes were:

  • Lemony
  • Hot lips
  • Annus Interruptus
  • Rubber Sole
  • Rubber Sole's mate
  • Stiffy
  • Cheese balls
  • Wimpy
  • Dodgy sausage
  • Scrumptious
  • Balaclava
  • Wippet
  • David on his second hash! 
  • Captain Pugwash
  • Away with The Fairies

Jonathan (hubby of Balaclava) was named by Lemony who had some fun settling on a name, leaving it to the Hash Scribe to agree the he shall hence-forth be known.  Can he mix it? Yes he can. 

We also had all three of Wippet's gorgeous four-legged friends including Sophie on her first hash. 

Oxford are hashing regularly on a Wednesday evening, do check out their website for the locations. 

Some of us will be taking part in the Oxford half-marathon next weekend, and a big thank you to Zorro for stepping in to lay the trail next Sunday.  Location likely to be The Royal Oak, Wantage. 

On On!