Run 1429 - The Rose and Crown Chilton

Hares - Comet and Uranus

Hashers - Swallow, Cheesy Balls, Wimpey, Lemony Snicket, Sarah, Whippet Good, Accrual Joke, Northern Sole, Eddie the Eagle, Gnome Alone, Zorro, Big Stiffy, Hotlips, Dipstick, Rubber Sole's Buddy, Call Girl, Chris, Chicken Head, Saru, Dangleberry, Patsy, Edina

Date - 27 August 2019

Distance - I forgot to ask!

A great crowd gathered at the pub with some longterm absentees returning.  Call Girl arrived with her fiance, Chris, Chicken Head and Saru made a flying visit after 3 years away and Zorro returned from his long summer break in France.  Lovely to see them all.

The trail did a loop round the village before setting off up towards the Ridgeway for a Hash View and fish hook before discovering a coolbox tucked in behind a haystack!  A very welcome beer stop on a rather warm night.  Then we weaved round the lanes and foodpaths, fooling everyone at times, before cutting back in by the pub.  I forgot to pick up a map and don't do tech so that is as good as I can get!  The hares had arranged a wonderful spread of food with the landlord who always 'does us proud' so folk tucked into that during hash words.  

The main item on the agenda was Hash CAMRA.  This is a brilliant event which gathers together 120 hashers from many different hashes for a selection of runs, food and drink.  Although it is a CAMRA run you do not have to drink beer or any alcohol at all.  The registration is open and there is a link on Facebook - or speak to Gnome Alone who is the DH3 contact and an old hand!  We can look at sharing lifts, depending on who is going.

There was only one Down Down on show - well, it was in Zorro's car boot actually, he had forgotten to wear it - the green hat.  There were a few contenders:

Swallow for changing her clothes to disguise herself on the trail

Chris for saying he couldn't come on Sundays

Dipstick for not enunciating properly - we thought he was going on about being laid, not being late!!

Anyway, it went to Dipstick who then realised that Zorro hadn't worn it on the trail and awarded it straight back to him (but he had left).  Then Uranus commented on Gnome Along deserting the runners trail for the walkers trail because he got fed up with checking the wrong way.  So Gnome ended up taking it home.

Please bring back any Down Down items you have, even if you do not want to wear them, as we are running very short of them.

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