Run 1119 - The Plough Long Wittenham

The weather did not look promising but, trusting in the BBC Weather, a reasonable crowd gathered in the pub car park.  Ringer had driven through bright sunshine on the way over so was grumbling somewhat.  His mood did not improve when Rubber Sole's Mate announced that the RA would not be joining us because he was still in bed!  Obviously she has not been keeping up with the Hash Trash which announced some weeks ago that Ringer had taken over this vital role. 

Pete turned up to tell us all about a 'beer stop' and to deliver Billy Whizz.  Billy was supposed to bring flour to mark the trail but had forgotten it.  Well, he had only just got up.  Being a true professional he kicked through all the checks so no  harm done.  Anyway, off we set, on a tour of the surrounding area including many fields, flooded lanes and The Earth Trust grounds.  It was about half way round that Bootsie and Inca joined us.  Just before the completely flooded section.  But she was well equipped. The sun came out and it turned into a beautiful run.  My lasting memory will be of the whole pack picking their way round the large puddles on the lane back into the village.  This was the On Inn but we were still all being very dainty.  What would Oxford Hash say!

We were met at the final corner by Tim (Pressganger's son) and Ben (Pressganger's new puppy).  Ben got most of the attention I am afraid.  Then it was up to the triangle in the village where Pete had set up a table and was offering mulled wine, soft drink and a choice of cake.  Eric was sitting in her car playing Dire Straits so what more could we want.  Actually, I think she was just cold and was waiting for us all to arrive before she ventured out of the car.

We then took over the back room of the pub.  One couple were having their lunch so we behaved very well.  CS even started Hash Words with an apology to them and all he got in return was a stare!  So we then reverted to our usual level of joviality.

It was good to see Rubber Sole's Mate and Northern Sole back in our midst.  They have returned to us for the foreseeable future.  Welcome.

Ringer had a difficult choice.  Only one Down Down shirt and three contenders.  There was Rubber Sole's Mate for her RA error, Big Stiffy for front running (too many brussel sprouts?) or CS for wearing the full length, white, socks. He insisted they were a present - we preferred the jumper from the Carol Singing evening!  Well, CS won!

On On

Date: 26 December 2013

Hares: Pressganger and Eric (and Billy Whizz!!)

Hounds:  Rubber Sole's Mate, Northern Sole, Mummy's Girl, Wimpey, Lemony Snicket, Big Stiffy, Rocket Ronnie, Ringer, Tinkerbell, Osborne, Menstrual, Bootsie and Inca, Pete, Tim and Ben

Distance:  No-one  knows as the hares had to change the route due to flooding!