Run 1116 - The Crown Stadhampton

Wimpey and Lemony were keen to get the run underway on time so started nagging Ringer and Gatecrasher to get over to the carpark.  They should have known better!  Then Zorro asked Lemony to put his car key in his shorts pocket (that old chestnut!).  This totally confused her until she realised he had his shorts on back to front!  Always one to look on the positive side Zorro decided not to turn them round as it was much easier to access said pocket.

We set off down the main road then turned left onto a footpath and doubled back to the edge of the green, past the children's play area and onto the footpaths.  Professional Peach had brought both her sisters and her husband along.  She set off over the style, convinced that she knew the route, only to be called back and taken the long way round, to where she had just been checking!  She is local and a little knowledge proved a dangerous thing on a number of occasions.

Off into Ascot Park where we stopped at nearly every sign and read about the estate.  We did a loop of a field back to the bridle path and then crossed the road.  We did another loop round on some virgin paths, crossing a stream, spying some wildlife etc before crossing back over the main road again and heading through the trees to the footpaths on the far side of The Crazy Bear shooting ground.  Luckily it was a quiet day (apart from the joyful whoops of Ringer who checked a false which he said was muddier than most of his trails) and we made it through without incident.  Practically the whole pack set off round the fishponds only to be called back as the trial went straight past the Crazy Bear, wound round some lanes and then crossed back over the main road.  Practically within sight of the pub it took a left and did yet another loop out to the main road in Chislehampton, and back through the Angling Club swims before running along side the school and coming out to the north of the pub.

Wimpey provided mince pies which went down well, particularly with certain members of the group!  Many people were very comfortable in the soft sofas in the pub when it was decided that we should all go outside.  It was sunny but the stone wall felt rather chilly.  But Eric came to our rescue by providing a lovely blanket to sit on.

The chips were cheap and plentiful. 

Ringer awarded the Down Down shirts to Eric for counting people on a check and Wimpey for either being impatient at the start or front running!  ABH arrived to pick up CS and discussion ensued on the runs for the festive season.  Watch the website!

On On

Hares:  Wimpey and Lemony Snicket

Hounds:  Gatecrasher, Dancing Queen, Tinkerbell and Ringer, Menstrual, Profesisonal Peach, Sarah, Judith and MArtin, Rocket Ronnie, Big Stiffy, CS, Gnome Alone, Qwerty and Sadie and Zorro

Date: 8 December 2013

Distance: c5 miles (well, we got lost when laying it!)